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  1. To me it seems like the importance of LED technology increases more and more. Often I am reading of the constant and fast development, which leads to great inventions in even more efficient and sustainable lighting, so that now big companies with large production halls or open-plan offices and even whole cities processed LED lighting changeovers in public areas. Sadly I am not really familiar with the technology and details behind LED lighting therefore I am hoping some of you are. Are the advantages like saving of costs really that big, that you should invest in a changover? I'm looking forward to your comments!
  2. Hey guys, does anyone of you know some specialist literature about the Latin American political development, especially in the 21st century. Besides some well known classics, i figured out it's harder to find anything than i thought...
  3. Concerning such important things like tax fraud, human rights abuse or data protection it's absolutely necessary for the public to learn about them, so a so called whistleblower absolutely does an important thing!
  4. One thing i forgot: One more point is that math often just approximates stuff, but not exactely gives us precise results. Yes, most things follow a strict order and system and every variable has its defined function but - especially in higher maths - we are often only working with estimates, approaches and convergencies than perfectly defined dimensions.
  5. Hey everyone! I was reading a lot of special interest articles in newspapers and science magazines when i was in university, but somehow after my graduation and the mass of work and stress that came with the working life i kind of gave up with that. Now i am not a real insider anymore. Can anybody give me a quick update what you guys read and recommend, and even more important, why you are reading it and what the main focuses are. I am looking forward to your answers!
  6. Carrock, that one was great. Hits the nail right on the head! Math can solve and illustrate a lot but it's still on us to interprete and sort of translate the ratios, units, variables and whatever else it presents us and set them in the right context. That's why i love your example so much. The thermometer tells us its 14 degrees, which tells us nothing if we dont know anything about average temperatures, preferences, utilities,...
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