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  2. It's also possible that the sides of the bearing are tapered. These would fit very tightly indeed. I remember years ago, undoing a tapered steering joint using severe hammering, getting it free, then accidentally letting the two parts join again without any pressure. Yet more hammering!
  3. Proteins are toxic because of their structure and conformation. Exceptions could be the metallo proteins where a toxic metal is bound to the protein, but that is the metal being toxic, not the protein. A denatured protein could be toxic if the shape is correct/incorrect, they still have a conformation, albeit a different one to normal.
  4. They will stay in the water as chloride salts. However as Endy states, this is going to be pretty slow to get significant amounts or a very large still.
  5. Make it a solar still - even better.
  6. Check out what they are doing in Iceland, geothermal is quite well established there. Yellowstone would be an ideal location but I suspect your National Parks would object to a power station sucking away all their heat.
  7. Hydrofluoric acid will dissolve quartz, ( and glass - I used to work in a lab with windows etched by HF ). You do not want to play with HF.
  8. Magnesium don't react violently with water at room temperature, you will get slow bubbling over an hour or so.
  9. You have cracked it! Really hard to control the exact pH.
  10. It has been postulated that prions enter the blood stream in this way. Don't have any references though.
  11. I'm afraid you will just have to try it and see. It all depends on what is in the tank making the pH high. Just do a test with a small volume and see what happens.
  12. I would use BBQ charcoal, much cleaner. A fan to blow air through and you are away.
  13. foxy john

    white ppt

    It's a test for chloride. Check out the solubility of silver nitrate and silver chloride.
  14. You could explore molecular sieves or silica gel. The correct pore size would remove water, leaving the glycerol. The water could be reclaimed by heating. I've also seen a reference to crystallising the glycerol out by freezing.
  15. Not sure but just try it and see. Strongly suspect that as long as you have Mg ions present it's OK.
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