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  1. I will see how far i can get with what's been presented too me. I'm thinking my final project will have a "hive" center where there is a system dedicated for component synthesis. I want to make a colony of replicating organisms that can self-sustain. can i make mechanical arms with this stuff?
  2. So I had this little exchange with someone else from another forum. I think my issue has been resolved. I will be trying to get chitin or collagen >>7955842 (You) wooden robot is fine. If you were hell bend on this stupid growing stuff shit, you could use fungi to farm chitin, and figure out how to use the chitin to make structures. Another thjng you could try is get something to synthesize collagen and use it to make matrixes with high tensile strength, not jello. >> Anonymous 03/25/16(Fri)09:41:15 No.7955854 ▶ >>7955853 THIS GUY GETS IT IF the robot were to be wooden it would have to be able to grow the wood into specific shapes. I just don't see that happening
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/24/microsofts-teen-girl-ai-turns-into-a-hitler-loving-sex-robot-wit/ Big news Big news for me because I'm a programmer that's trying to branch his science skills too. Let me know if you find anymore like this. I want to be able to talk to these A.I.s and try to "hack" their thinking process. I can't believe I missed this opportunity. It was amazing. I am doing everything in my ability to creating something like this myself. The clock is counting down... 2020
  4. Lol. Sorry. I am trying to make a process that doesn't require me to use anything that requires pre-existing strong materials. Maybe what I'm asking for is too much. I was hoping there would be a nifty little compound out there that when combined with another common resource and (let's say heated) treated it would become much stronger. A mushroom brick sounds interesting. I need to be able to fashion the material down to 1x1inch area. I may be able to use different techniques for different areas. But I just want to start with something. Next I will need a good circuit material/compound that can also be pulled from the earth by nature. I imagine this one will be much harder to find. But I have a crispr kit arriving soon and I intend to splice eel dna. -================================== I imagine it may require a lot of the original organic matter to produce a relatively VERY small amount of the compound I need. I'm looking for a compound extraction process that requires minimal non, organic origins. :/ It would be awesome if I could extract and synthesize with sunlight heat. Clear lenses can be made already.
  5. Hey. I'm looking for an inexpensive process to synthesize a sturdy material from bacteria, plants or fungi. What species do I need? How do I extract the compound from the rest of the organic matter? Does the compound need to be heated or treated in any way? Thanks
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