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  1. How about we split this into two theories for the time being: one where this hypothetical tube room DOES make you bored, and one where it DOESN'T. We'll start every theory based on the first scenario with "#1" and the second scenario "#2".
  2. Aha, but you to have forgot about the point I made on the last page: physical annoyance. It doesn't go against any of our ideals, isn't bringing up any negative input, and is showing a lack of intention. what about that? Maybe It has something to do with ruining the flow of "good vibes". for instance whenever people are having a conversation, and say; " i like Andenina Johns" "me toe, he's so shiny" but someone else says; "I don't like it, he has too much hair" the other people get annoyed because they were having a nice conversation until someone jumped in and ruined it. that's why they responded with; " NO HARRISON FORF IS SO SHINNY AND SPARKELY AND THAT MEANS HE'S THE ALL NO-ING GOD OFF THE MULTOVARSE!!! BOE DWIN DO ME PUNNY MORALS, SINCE ME SHALL RUEL THE CUSMIS FOREVERMORE!!!!!!" Sorry, got carried away.
  3. Exactly! Boredom isn't entirely craving and craving isn't entirely boredom! boredom is craving, but it's also many other things, thing we need to consider when thinking about this.
  4. Yes, i understand that, but you're confusing boredom with craving. when your bored, you think of everything you can do, like read a book, watch TV, or talk to someone. When you crave something, you're only thinking about one thing and one thing only, not any alternatives. Also, boredom normally occurs when your doing some thing mundane and repetitive or doing nothing at all.
  5. Well whenever people get bored, they normally try interacting with the things around them. Maybe It's instinctual, a way of making sure our minds are always running. By this logic you'd be wrong, but what do I know? also, by your logic, we constantly have dopamine running through our brain, which would in turn make dopamine affect us less. We'd get bored of it.
  6. You guys are focusing on the specific negatives, not the core of annoying. If we take this quote: and this quote: You can see that the negatives are different; One deals with lying and the other deals with ignorance. They're both bad for different reasons, but annoying for the same reason.
  7. I'm making another topic because no one is getting on my other one( I think I accidentally answered my own question ). Anyways, I'd insted like to talk about boredom. Why do we get bored? How is boredom a good thing (this can be evolutionary or current day)? can boredom be inflicted/remedied? Again, like my first topic, The easiest way to go about this is to give me some samples of boring scenarios, activities, or even things in general. you can post your own theories, of course, and if you see something wrong with someone else's theory, make sure to point it out. Also, do be mindful that we're only right a small fraction of the time, but when we combine our fractions together we have a better chance of figuring it out. Have Fun! -Mr. T P.S. I know that that's not really how fractions work, but just go along with me here.
  8. Post #2: Wait, we didn't think about actions that are annoying. They wouldn't be defensive, unless you consider your personal bubble. Still, I don't think that's why actions are annoying. also, I didn't realize that we slipped past differences in wording! why is one sentence that expresses an idea more annoying than another? this can't be explained by my previous theory, so we'll need to tweak some of the ideas. Another good Question: Why can things that are obviously intended to be nice taken as rude and annoying?
  9. So maybe Its defensive? maybe we get annoyed when people start to change or "lie" about ( ex. have any opinion other than yours that contradicts your opinion, rendering your evidence useless) things that are part of our every day lives. This makes us want to defend what we are closest to, being annoying in turn.
  10. I just find it fascinating that the way you word something could be the difference between a debate and a discussion. For instance, if DrKettin had started the post with something along the lies of "That's an interesting point. I think it's because......", then your conversation would look completely different! Maybe I'll look into that one of these days. Oh, I probably shouldn't have used dictation form, huh. I meant it like "writing the first sentence and afterwards the annoying response would be the easiest way to gather samples", not "write an entire Paragraph or else."
  11. It seems I worded my last post wrong.What I was trying to get across was that It would help me keep control of myself, knowing how and why my body is telling me to correct him on everything he's saying.
  12. I understand where you guys are coming from, what with the "why even get annoyed", but when I find myself getting annoyed I feel that if I can explain why what they said annoyed me then I can accept that he/she probably wasn't trying to be annoying.
  13. I'm doing a little side project to find out what we think is annoying and why we think it's annoying. Please write anything that truly annoys you in dictation form, and include the sentence prior to the annoying sentence in question. Thank you for your help and please leave some DATA!!!
  14. Perhaps if you could make a prosthetic organ to replace the organ that makes the milk in the first place, the prosthetic could be made to block certain chemicals like Levetiracetam from reaching the milk. If that isn't possible, find a powder mix alternative like gerber milk mix.
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