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  1. Like two magnets Earth and moon by their gravity in their magnetic forces are held together Earth holds the moon in same way as Earth holds space shuttle in orbit.
  2. And you call yourself an expert??? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedFor the well amd open minded, I am sorry I said anything at all, and rather delete the same, my mind is on facts not theories, but not everyone is able to comprehend and least of all such as deem themselves experts.
  3. You are getting close, the following link brings you to reality, http://www.leonardswebpage.info/Leonards/fw28.htm See also pages 14, 39, 40, and 44. Yours Leonard Van Zanten
  4. The following link may be helpfull in disclosing magnetic force. Leonard http://www.leonardswebpage.info/leonards/fw43.htm
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