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  1. It might just be that the nerves in the teeth are there to prevent you from eating rocks and other really hard stuff that could damage your teeth. But as there is a big hard tooth between the nerve and the food, the nerve will have to be quite sensitive to feel trough the tooth as it were. So the nerves in teeth need to be very sensitive. But if something unintended then attacks the nerve directly…
  2. from: http://www.geert.com/venus.htm But it would take a long, long time... I explored this possibility as a student (many years ago) and recently I heard that the NASA was now studying the possibility of life on Venus along the same lines. Injecting life into the Venusian atmosphere As it never rains on Venus and atmospheric turbulence is intense, it is reasonable to assume that airborne dust particles could remain airborne indefinitely. There are organisms on earth that can survive and even thrive in the chemical and temperature conditions of Venus's upper atmosphere. Admi
  3. Dear all, This is my theory http://www.geert.com/The_evolutionary_force_of_great_environmental_change.htm. Can all the theoretical population geneticists please give me some scientific feedback / criticism? Many thanks in advance, Geert ---- The evolutionary force of great environmental change Highlights - The Cambrian explosion and Darwin's dilemma explained. - Adaptive mutation is a viable mechanism (current theory proven to be incorrect). - The level of environmental change and the optimum mutation rate are linked. - Evolution's high speed, and the emergence of fundame
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