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  1. Thank you very much, all of you. Your posts were clear and answered to my question.
  2. Hi everybody! I am new here and my mother tongue is not english, so please dont kick me if make spelling mistakes Now, to the topic: With the recent news about the finding of gravitational waves there will be plenty of discussions about it. I have a very specific question, that why I am not making it on other threads about it. I just have a very small idea about the Theory of Relativity (the kind of things that a common person will learn if read some book about that), so my question may look like silly: didnt we already had a proof about gravitational waves with the Gravitational Lens effect? I tought that gravitational lens already was a proof about the existence of gravitational waves...because the lensing effect is created by the existence of a distortion in the fabric of space-time. Isnt it?? I am confused and probably mixing ideas and concepts that I should mix, can someone help me to understand this? Thanks a lot
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