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  1. What is the best laptop under $400 dollars in your opinion? Laptops that cost over $400 but are on special for less than $400 are also included in the challenge.
  2. A hundred years from now no one will remember you
  3. It is called aspergers. As far as succeeding in undergrad, not sure if you read but I am trying to skip it altogether.
  4. You sound like a jackass that hasn't accomplished anything significant. Good look buried in your own self pity ^^ and who told you I haven't done some research beforehand? On a global scale there are plenty folk as smart as me and smarter. But guess what? Not you
  5. "No mathematician should ever allow himself to forget that mathematics, more than any other art or science, is a young man's game." - G. H. Hardy.
  6. If you were serious then for the following reasons: 1. I do not like people 2. I do not want to waste my most productive years 3. I have no social skills 4. I believe technology is in an exponential trend and thus every year counts, for the serious mathematician/computer scientist anyways 5. I do not like people Thank you.
  7. Please, utilize vulgar forms of speech elsewhere.
  8. Hi, I am a senior in High school. In only 4 months I have managed to self teach (from paperback books, PDF files and online courses uploaded to various platforms such as youtube)the following during my free time: Calculus 1,2,3, Differential Equations Linear Algebra Abstract Algebra Discrete Mathematics Analysis 1,2 Calculus of Variations (Optimization Calculus) Elementary Number theory Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic It is clear to me that I am gifted. I can only imagine once I dedicate myself full time to the study of math. I am not clear what exactly to study. I am interested in Complexity Theory, Number Theory and Artificial Intelligence. I have an extremely good memory. I would say 70% photographic. I am more than happy to hold a Skype session to demonstrate my abilities. I would like to jump straight into a PHD program.
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