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  1. Well what i know is that : - the respiratory chain is composed of protein complexes in inner membrane of mytochondria. One purpose is that- because in the process of oxydating coenzyme and reducing oxygen the large amount of energy is relased so the process is divided into protein complexes and the energy is relased in portions. By this being done , the large amount of H is pumped from matrix into the perimembrane space and thus the gradient of protons is created which is then used by the ATP synthase to form ATP. -also the mitochondria in the brown adipose tissue has many modified mitochondria. They have many big rounded mitochondria with many crystae. And they also have UCP (uncoupling protein) . And there is where my knowledge stops ... So is it the energy that is "unspent" in ATP synthase or oxydation of coenzymes used by UCP or what? I just need a few coordynates. P.S. and for the brown color i assume is the large amount od mytochondria and i am sorry for misspelled words
  2. Or the thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. Can someone explain me the core of it and how is it connected with respiratory chain and ATP synthesis. Thank you!
  3. Well i dream almost every day, but normal dreams. I had one nightmare longtime ago: I was in a pool and suddenly, the water in pool is earth and my brother is on my back and i can't breath. I woke up with a deep breath , like i was sufficating. Haha ww3 yeah , maybe it was real
  4. I dont pay attention so much. I like to wear for example stripped sweaters. I have them so much. I dont like formal wear. I don't even iron my clothes , just use my hands. And i often buy clothes at second shops or flea markets. That is just not important to me. That can be problem, as community is oriented on "good phycisal look" , including clothing. So when i need to buy something more formal i just hate it. I am so grumpy and if i go alone , i dont buy anything. Same for shoes and other clothing things. Of course, this doesnt have to do anything with hygiene. I just dont like to spend money on clothes, the cheaper the better.
  5. I am not sure about where to put this topic,so i hope that it is good here. I know that world of dreams in the eye of biology is not explored,but maybe someone can explain me. These days i am having really long and story-like dreams. I often had similar dreams,but these one were strange. So much characters were included , and like 6-7 different stories included . and i remember some... The dreams are "neutral" , neither nightmares nor anything special. Like real life things , nothing unusal. Just some people from like past, that i dont even remember when i talked with them. Also , when i am about to die in a dream,i never wake up. I just continue to dream as a ghost. Happens very often. If someone has similar thing, or knows anything about this feel free to write! I am not worried , i just find it interesting! P.S. The strange dreams can be cause of stress , finals...
  6. I have in my textbook a formula for calculating speed of action potential in myelinated axons which is V=k*d where the k is myelination constant and d is diameter of axon. But there is nothing said about non-myelinated axons. I think i read something somewhere about V=square(k)*d but i am not sure. If you know something more write . Thank you!
  7. Hello I am curently second year of Molecular biology and i have got this question to answer. I would appreciate if someone could tell me , the very basics of it. Thank you
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