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  1. Latest ambitions of one of the leading countries in space science is building bases on the moon high technology and turned the place into a living for humans. It has been over 45 years since the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20/7/1970, the world's only known American first nations people to set foot on the moon. But since the country shifted to explore Mars, birch powers to select lunar plans are based build future life for humanity. In 1969, the Russian (then Soviet Union) each autonomous robot car launched Lunokhod 1 name of the space program Lunokhod moon to explore the surface. Unfortunately the first attempt failed because the satellite does not go into orbit as planned. A second attempt later in the month 1/1973 continued failure. Since then, Russia has not conducted any activities other lunar exploration costs and the risks too great. Although failure but the latest announcement of Roscosmos (the Russian Space Agency), they are looking to establish a high-tech facility with science labs and technology, launch pad and landing a spacecraft , even an astronomical observatory on the moon. With this latest plan, Roscosmos hopes to restart the program by sending the robot probe named Luna 25. The agency expects Russian Luna 25 will be on the south pole of the Moon in 2024. Model probes Luna 25 The new spacecraft will include 8 camera orientation, help take pictures and observe the drill ship. Luna 25 powered by radioactive plutonium fuel source 238. During decomposition, plutonium-238 will generate heat and boat batteries will have the task of transformation into electricity. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), plutonium-238 is not a dangerous radioactive substance can be harmful to human health (plutonium-238 in uranium-234 alpha radiation and no penetration). However, the world is gradually exhausted its fuel supply and the space agencies of the country are looking for alternative materials. Unknown Russian reserves available plutonium-238 or they had other technological secrets. Radioactive material plutonium-238 self-luminous decay by alpha However, Russia will not be a "loner" on the moon by the European Space Agency (ESA) said they also decided to return to the Moon exploration program. But as mentioned, the US is moving his attention toward Mars. Some experts universe and the engineers of this country have criticized the US did not go and build bases on the Moon before approaching Mars. According to them, the direction the moon before - after Mars will cost at cost (total) and more dangerous for NASA. Even former astronaut Buzz Aldrin repeatedly been voiced about NASA's Mars mission. He also put forward a proposal for the NASA should consider building both bases on the Moon and Mars instead of just focusing on a current destination. Russia's ambitions had been mentioned in a speech by Igor Komaro, head of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) in June. He said that the mission of exploring the moon in the period 2029 - 2030 as one of the top priorities of Russia. A concept of the base on the Moon In any matter, but Russia's plan is also a good sign for all humanity. Because, in fact, not many countries have the ability to set foot on the moon and the Apollo Program is a very expensive program. Besides, Americans despite presence there over the last 4 decades, but they have not really exploited this place but only conduct scientific exploration.
  2. European Space Agency (ESA) to build a space base on the moon. This base can replace the International Space Station (ISS) in the future. Russia, Japan to build bases on moon Europe built bases on the Moon ESA wants to build space base on the moon This radical idea by Professor Jan Woernerc of ESA proposals. Pursuant named Lunarville. Even scientists also intend to plant trees on the moon in the greenhouse. Over 370,000 km from Earth, it takes about 2 days to go from Earth to Lunarville. ESA wants to build bases on moon The illustration is based on the moon - (Screenshot ESA) "Building a space station on the moon may trigger wave of technological innovation on Earth," said Professor Woernerc. Not only that, the dark of the moon is the ideal place to install the telescope. People could look further into deep space without being influenced by many factors like on Earth, he added. Initially on the moon, scientists will need source of food and building materials. Then, they can generate hydrogen from water and started planting in the greenhouse. ESA wants to build bases on moon Illustrations base aerial view - (Screenshot ESA) Scientists can stay on the moon for several months. Additionally, ESA will have to establish a stable transit route between the moon and Earth, the emergency room when necessary, according to the Mirror. However, the biggest problem of this bold project is probably not in the harsh elements of the universe in huge funds. The cost to build a space station than 112 billion estimate, the cost to build a larger Lunarville likely. The project could open up the prospect of mining the precious resources on Earth the moon where there is little. A typical example is helium 3, a material can be used to produce clean and nuclear power safe. Professor WOERNER said he believed that European countries will join hands to implement the project and the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) is studying the structure of the house on the moon.
  3. according to my way of thinking, want one planet has life _ Firstly requires gravity, gravity to the water molecules, gas molecules are not thrown out into space _ Two conditions in which water is life, and environmental factors such as the catalyst for living organic matter _ 3 are necessary elements of microbial life _ 4 need oxygen to survive life _ 5 to the sun and light _6 Should have ph suitable environment for organisms nontoxic development
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