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  1. Hello potential illuminators. I like to have thought experiments every now and then, and when I had questions about gravity I couldn't find appeasing answers. SO I thought about it and here is what I came up with. /Bear with me/ The nonsensical answer, gravity is the cumulative struggle to maintain existence. boom. nah, that sucks. But seriously though. Gravity is the pressure caused by displacement of "space." Best way to visualize it for me is expanding a balloon under water, the water wants that space back. In this hypothesis space and time are together, spacetime, woo. Anyway, therefore the area around the object that has displaced spacetime has a higher density/concentration of just that, meaning that if you traveled further out, you would be crossing more spacetime and that could explain time dilation as well. Isn't that cool. What do you guys think about this, I really want to have a discussion, but I live in a city in South Africa and my family just gives me a nod here and there.
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