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  1. Hello, everyone, ... So, i've got a simple question, which career do you think is the best for an engineer after graduation: pursuing academia and becoming a professor, or going to industry and becoming an Engineering Manager ? what are some pros and cons of each one ? thanks a lot in advance for your answers.
  2. In an electric motor, it is important to detect a short circuit fault in one of the windings in its early stage. But, would it be possible to predict the moment in which an insulation failure may happen between adjacent turns in one of the windings ? In my opinion, if we have a collection of sufficient data, representing the functioning conditions of a motor during a month, it is possible to predict its life time, or in other words, the time interval in which it my undergo an insulation failure. What are your opinions ?
  3. a motor small as a foot, i'm not sure it's possible. Whether it is an electric motor or a combustion engine, there are physical limitations to matter. So, to produce the same torque as a car's motor with smaller motor, this last has to be made of stronger materials (stronger than steel), materials that can supporte higher temperature,...etc So maybe we should ask physicist first about this.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm still in PhD, electrical engineering, and have been thinking. How could someone acquire expertise and become skillful in more than three different areas at the same time ?!. I mean how can i be very good with electronics and circuits, .. science/maths/physics, ... scientific writing(to publish papers) , and having good teaching skills. Each one of these fields require lot of effort and time to be mastered, and i wonder how researchers are managed to do that. What are your opinions ?
  5. Because it's obvious that they're the best in terms of reviewing time, so i want to know if there are any others. You may ask me why don't i submit my papers to Elsevier and end this quest, .. well that's what i'm doing, but sometimes my papers aren't that good to be accepted in Elsevier,.. that's why i'm asking.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm doing PhD in electrical engineering, and i just want to know if there are any good scientific journals (indexed in scopus or Thomson Reuters) with short reviewing time, other than Elsevier journals. I would be very thankful for your answers. PS: I'm just looking for journals in electrical engineering.
  7. Hello everyone, i didn't have time to study the solving techniques in Simulink/Matlab, so i'm just asking Matlab users, which method is more reliable ? and giving accurate results which are close to those of experiment ? I use Runge Kutta often for its precision, but in a new simulation it wasn't reliable, and Bogacki Shampine was better. Thanks in advances for your answers. PS: i wasn't sure were to post this topic, but because Matlab is used by engineers mostly, i chose to post it here.
  8. Hello everyone A friend of mine is working on smart houses where devices are connected to each other wirelessly and connected to a computer then to internet ... now, many engineering projects are extending this study to make smart cities and then smart planet. The question is, with each technology comes some risks, .. do we really need smart cities? and how risky would it be to make all devices in a big city connected to the net ?!
  9. " you know how to survive, you have to make people need you, and they have no where else to go " ... Bill Gates
  10. Hello everyone, I didn't do much research on the topic, but i guess in many industrial facilities where any fault may lead to dramatic consequences, engineers just use a fault detection unit to prevent any hazardous incident. But I've been wondering if there has been some works on fault prediction, like a technique able to foresee the incident given the actual state of the facility's equipment and the constraints they undergo. This would be very important for the safety of the equipment and the staff. What are your view points on the subject ?
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