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  1. Hi, I'm no mathematician or physicist so please be gentle. I came across the double-slit experiment a few years ago and it left me stunned, the same goes for Schroedinger's cat. More recently I came acroos the Navier-Stokes equation and whereas I have no idea about the mathematical aspect of the thing, I understand that the problem is to explain why a stone in the water cannot cause a tidal wave. I know that a simple yet stunning "solution" to the double-slit experiment is to say that the result is merely a distribution of probability, which in itself is verifiably correct. I cannot offer mathematical solutions for all these problems, but can't it be that they hint to the fact that the world is a matrix-like program in the end? I'm not up to date with the current progress in atom theory, but last I checked there also was no "smallest unit" as a fundament for the physical world. Any news on that boarder? Taking of my conspiracy hat now but I wonder what scientist think of that..
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