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  1. guys you know isn't this talking about illegal stuff and i though it was ageist the rules ?
  2. i would recommend Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Since when Microsoft released the new version of windows it was not finished and still Stuff happening in the insider program right now. Windows 10 is unstable in my experience with my Dell Inspiron 15 5547 i flashed the latest BIOS Factory Reset the BIOS Change the Drive. But my Windows 10 Almost killed my laptop since it would not shutdown at night and i will need to hard shutdown (Which Means holding down the power button for 10sec) or it will continue to create heat which almost killed me in my sleep since my room is really warm and adding the laptop heat it is too much and also the monitor started not working properly after the overheat overnight and the computer battery freaks out randomly saying 879 Hours for 100% then 40 Hours for 7% ._. then when i phone up Microsoft and also them they deny windows 10 is not a stable OS but (Really they lied to someone that was in the insider program Epic Fail) i contacted dell and they said windows 10 does this so then i bought a copy of Windows 7 Professional and installed it no issue and it runs like butter and does not want to kill me in my sleep OOps i think went alittle off topic but i did loss some important files too on my main computer
  3. I guess you could do some risky stuff like melting those Hydrogen Peroxide Bottles and making a sheet to protect it [Hydrogen Peroxide will start to break down from UV so the container is UV proof]
  4. Ok soo hi i am kinda in a rush since i dont know how to make a LB agar dish (Made for growing bacteria like the ones on your keyboard that your maybe responding to this post with) I completely forgot to ask the seller i bought these Petri Dishes How to make them and this is going to help me with my homework i am trying to grow bacteria from a agar dish and seeing what chemicals will kill them more efficiently so i am not asking for a answer for my homework btw The Reason i am in a rush because today i bought the dish some (Pyrex 3160-100 Dish, Culture, Petri, Complete, 100x10mm 7740 Glass 12 EA/Pack for Laboratory Use Only) Completely no Clue were the seller bought it from but is brand new box made in Germany now i need to make the stuff for the inside but i dont know how to make it these Dishes are Glass soo i also have completely no clue how to sanitize them I need it to grow the bacteria quick and i have one of those heaters that heat the room to a certain temp so i guess it would help it i hear LB Agar Dishes are good at making these bacteria grow (The ones on your Keyboard) soo i wonder if someone can give me instruction and were to buy the stuff since i will need to go buy it locally since i will need it 2 days after making this post If you can I will be ok traveling to Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Vancouver (I cant go to Vancouver Island By the way) (Canada, British Columbia) Please Tell me to Tools and Materials i will need Things i have already: - Six Fortune Agar Agar Strips (it says 40g on the pack) - Pyrex Lab ware 100x10mm Glass Petri Dish - A Portable Stove if i will need to do it outside ._. - Microscope (Soo much types my school is providing ) - Heater I want to make 12 of these Dishes I have no idea what the heck i am doing so please help me out from Sanitizing the Glass Petri Dishes to Starting The Bacterial Growing Cycle (Also Tell the Cautions Please) Tell me also were da heck is full of nasty bad bacterial (My Idea is my sister's hair, Phone, Keyboard, Laptop, Mouse) Please and thanks my grades are counting on you (Also to Remind you this is not doing my homework since i look at many parts of the internet and i have no clue and my homework is not Growing it is me killing it with chemicals) (Also this is my less hope since i got banned on like 4 forums Since i was underage [i was asking people on Liquor Sites O.o]) Please make it as detailed as you can because i need as much help as i can get since i have no clue (If i have to i know people who work at Simon Fraser University that maybe can help but i its hard to get hold of him) Also i need to know were i can buy them because i was hunting for 2 Days trying to find petri dishes (Well Most of them dont want to sell it to me a 13Year old kid because i went to alot of liquor stores they kicked me out and threaten to call the cops so Brewing Stores are out of my reach) Which i dont want to go hunting for other again Which if i get help from you guys i can still have time to do homework and school Please and thanks for you all
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