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  1. So I dont want to take anything long term but there are many subjects I want to take maybe just a few units for. Is it possible to do that? or does that viod any money you get from loans?


    For example can I take a class of




    Basic Coding(IT)

    and maybe long term

    Law and business degree?


    Or is that not possible? Just it seems kind of a waste to have all these potentiol classes you can take but you cant take them since they dont fit your major.


    I was considering maybe doing medical, and going for Medical/Psychology, business and law and opening up a clinic. Like for mentally ill children.


    All too many books for science follow the stuffy 'lecture at the audience' approach.

    Even those with the most amazing graphics that are really showy.

    This makes the reader passive, except perhaps for forced 'exercises'.

    This sort of thing is fine for those who are already interested but will not stimulate those who are not.


    Science is about doing.

    8-10 year olds are about doing.


    So I suggest you use this fact to create a book that they can do with, and learn some scinece along the way.


    Perhaps a bit like the National Treasure films (But with real science).

    Perhaps a crime mystery withs lots of CSI

    But present them with problems and take then through solutions, and choice of solutions.

    Old fashioned science teaching often promoted the idea that there is only one solution.


    I am suggesting you create a theme or challenge to work through.


    This could be the basis for a series of books if the idea turns out successful.



    I very much agree with this. You should be teaching people to understand things, not telling them what to know. I also think the public school system would be better off using this method vs heavy text books telling people what is important vs how it works.

  3. Rubio was wrong in more than one way when he made that claim in the GOP debate this week (wrong also is the underlying premise in SillyBillys joke above). We have LOTS of welders and most of them make about half the median annual salary of a philosopher.



    Why do philosophers make so much money? Honestly what jobs do you get with that type of degree?

  4. If you want to learn, buy a book. If you want to earn, get a degree.

    Buying a book does not mean you get to discuss the subject with like minded individuals. Which helps the learning process as well as nurtures the brain.


    As to awnser the OP I do believe they should get rid of piontless degrees like that. However there are also some which are debatably useless too. So how do we determine which ones are useless and which ones would be considered useless to most.


    I think degrees like this should be shortened to optional classes not able to take for 4-5 years.

  5. I searched everywhere on the Internet but couldn't find a conclusive answer.


    My question is: Do mathematical entities (like numbers or probability distributions for example) really exist in the universe or are mathematical entities just a human invention?


    In other words, is mathematics really out there in the universe or is mathematics just a tool that humans invented in order to describe the universe?

    Some have argued Math is simply a language we made up to understand things. That Math does not exsist with out us, we simply invented it to explain things to each other. Kind of how a rock exsist but in nature its not called a rock, its called a rock since we decided it needed a name.

  6. Hey guys, this is a bit random, but I have this crazy dream of one day writing a science book for kids. It's always been one of my ambitions, but sadly it is very far from being a concrete thing at this point in time, but I realised that if I ever want this to happen, I need to first learn the first thing about publishing a book. So I was hoping someone might have a bit of experience with this - maybe if you or someone you know already published a book? I am not talking about a proper science text book, just a sweet book for kids to get into science. I mean this sounds silly, but how do you even choose your title? How do you decide on the cover? I just want to hear how other people did it - hopefully at least one person might have some experience with this :)

    Please do, we need to get kids more interested in science. However I would suggest you write it in a way that is simple for people to grasp. A lot of schools these days fail at educating and there is a lot of wasted potentiol in youth we simply do not utilize.


    I would like to see a book that can teach coding, engineering, chemistry to younger students at ages like 9-12. Since the schools are a mess right now and I wish we could see more happening with young people. If you want to know about writing structure I know it very well and wrote for many years. If you want to find a publisher you can go to places like Writercafe and Writing.com just look up writing websites they will show you a publisher. If you want a suggestion on a cover for the book feel free to PM me, and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

  7. A lot of people wish to get acceptance for particular groups. However acceptance has more than if a group get vote, get married, hold a job. If the group has more rights does not mean society agrees with it in general. A lot of activist groups believe they can fix this with media. They believe putting a lot of stereotypical or shows that blantently focus on that topic will somehow make people accept it. People dont understand if you want things to be accepted by the majority you need to normalize it, not stigmatize it or tell everyone "We are special snowflakes". I really dont understand how adults and people in this time dont understand this concept. People believe you can force someone to agree with you by shoving something down thier throat repeatidly till they say "Okay I agree". In fact even putting a gun to someones head and saying "Agree" does not mean they AGREE, even if they say "I AGREE". Why is it so hard to understand for people that you cant force sociol change, and you cant force people to suddenly believe something since you get all rude and pissy about it. Normalizing a subject means to present it in a way, which reconizes the minority group but at the same neglects to highlight it. When you do this you are saying the subject is exactly the same as everything else. However a lot of people and I seen people taking psychology and medical class who dont understand this. They just get beligerant about the subject and say "How dare you dont agree you jerk!" I really dont understand why this concept is so difficult to grasp. Why do people believe they are the universe. There are other people here, we cant expect everyone to be exactly like us. We have to realize everyone thinks different and try to find a way to make several walks of life act peacefully with each other.

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