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  1. Does anyone think this is possible in our current technology? Why?
  2. Hello, I am anti-social, not because of people bullying me, but I think because of my mother downing me everytime. I hate doing smart stuff in front of other people, in fact i can't do anything in front of them at all. I also have trouble speaking words, I get tongue twisted. I get to socialize with anti-social people though [but we're few].
  3. Thanks for all the replies.
  4. I'm not talking about the sci-fi stuff but rather the science terms they use. I play the visual novel and every science terms are added to the glossary and you can read what it means. But if you want a real Science anime watch No Game No Life.
  5. Hello everyone, I have Myopia or near-sightedness. My mother is far-sighted and cannot see stuff that's near her without glasses. Is it possible that I still got my Myopia through genetics?
  6. I was wondering if someone knows a good Free Game Engine(2D/3D not 2.5D). Doesn't matter which programming language the script uses, but will greatly be happy if it has GUI and C++. -Tried Allegro5 (I need a more advanced one) -Tried Unity (Can't use) Thanks,
  7. Memory Sticks differ in sizes. Some old cellphones use Memory stick that are 3x larger (than Micro-SD cards) and the Playstation Portable until the production of Micro-SD cards. There are some longer and wider, PS2 uses memory sticks that are the size of the thumb (length) and as 2.5 inches wide.
  8. Has anyone watched the anime named Steins;Gate? Though I am playing the visual novel of Steins;Gate and haven't watched the anime, it is about time travel and computing. In chapter 1, a genius girl explains time travelling possibilities through the General Relativities and 11 other theories if I'm not mistaken. I highly recommend that you watch this anime or at least play the visual novel, you will learn a lot.
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