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  1. Oh, ok. I think I get it, although not exactly what I had in mind. That's kinda farfetched lol. And not sure if you'd know if I was sick from the data I collected about corals(?) lol. Thanks anyway
  2. I am not sure if you misunderstood me or just idk, whatever you're doing. Not sure what that has to do with anything biology related?
  3. CharonY, I was going to say Im not sure if that'd work, but that is actually an interesting idea. As in, one group could do the research, and the other could analyze the data gained and forwarded to the other group from the first group. However I am not sure how that could be executed so if you have ideas on that too feel free to share. I hope I dont sound stupid. Most of my classes were "general biology", "general microbiology", "general this and that", so I have to do a research on my won before doing anything, that's why Im so open and fond of suggestions Well I am sure that out professors and mentors could help us go into details. The evolution would be a great topic, but might be a bit farfetched considering the distance between Croatia and USA, I'd either have to contact a lot of people in between to see what they got in their countries, or come up with weird theories why something has or hasnt changed so much. Still a great idea tho!
  4. I have, or to be more specific, am in a group of people. We have some resources and some experience with projects. The other group has a bit less experience a bit more resources (guessing). I'd personally like to expand my network and meet new people and possibilities, and am pretty sure such cooperation would hurt either groups. We are mostly undergrad and grad students. Main goal is to gain experience and learn, minor goal being to expand connections and simply gain experience in the social aspect. (being able to communicate and organize with strangers with same interests, if you get me). I am in Croatia, the other group is in New York (not stopping there though ). Yeah the first thing that came to my mind was comparison of microflora (e.g. microflora in stray animals fecal matter, random). I am sure that are tons of possibilities our system is to memorize more and think less, so thats pretty much the main problem when trying to think of possible projects and whatnot. Another thing is, I am not sure how to make comparison of things like microflora relevant. What could be the point of a research paper based on the comparison of microflora of a certain place/area/organism? Also thanks for the suggestion! I appreciate any ideas and advices
  5. Hey guys. I need ideas as google isnt much of a friend or I just dont know what to look for. So if you have TWO student groups/organizations/associations about biology (Id concentrate on microbiology but anything works), on two different continents (in this case Europe and North America), what are ways those two can work together, besides sharing ideas? Are there any ways? I'd really like to spread connections, allow myself and others to meet other people to share and explore ideas. Joined projects would be awesome but Im not sure how that would work out, so if anyone has LITERALLY ANY ideas, please do share. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section, no idea where to put (just please keep it out of the general faq thread, if possible ) Anyway, that's it, thanks for any help!
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