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  1. Apologies, that's what I get for typing like I think rather than typing for others to understand; was a mistake. Yes, thats what it is asking but I was just looking for more ways in which this happens as I am not sure how I could pick up the extra marks since more examples of intermediates wont give me any more marks.
  2. Hi all, Im revising for my upcoming end of year exams and the 20 mark questions are stumping me...not sure what else to include. The question I am currently answering is 'Using suitable examples explain how anabolic and catabolic pathways connected within metabolism'. I understand what the questions means and I have given roughly 12 points worth but unsure what else I can add, therefore my question is can anyone indicate what I have missed please. The points I have made so far are the definitions of both catabolic and anabolic, which uses energy or produces it and in what forms, an example of both types of pathway. I have also mentioned amphibolic pathways and an example of that. I have summarised the importance of amphibolic pathways and given examples of how anabolic and catabolic work together (example of fatty acids entering TCA from anabolic reaction. The other example being glycolysis producing pyruvate needed for the start of TCA), then again summarised the importance of these working together. I would guess this is around 12 distinct points but the marking guide is looking for 20 marks. Thanks
  3. This is a really different but interesting experiment to be conducting. unfortunately, im doing animal biology so really im of no help whatsoever but thought id post encouragement for your idea!
  4. Hi all D value graphs have just been covered in my microbiology class, although I do not fully understand how the D value is worked out. Could someone please explain this? The lines drawn connecting X and Y are not usually drawn for us therefore I need this explained also. Do the points on the Y axis always have to be one after the other? I have attached the kind of graph we have been given to then work out the D value from. Thanks
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    There is a link between pellagra and B3 deficiency. I was wondering why gastrointestinal issues are first to present in pellagra? I had found information about this previously but now, no amount of googling seems to be bringing this information up on any other websites or journals. any help is appreciated!!
  6. the latter! We've to discuss niacin, and then vitamin B12 so I have picked a pathway for each. ahh thank you for the pubmed link; interesting!
  7. hi all, Wondering if someone could help me understand the methionine to B12 pathway? Ive to pick any B12 metabolic pathway, and that seems to be the one that has the most written about it. After looking at numerous diagrams, reading numerous extracts from journals etc and watching youtube videos, its just not connecting for me. Could someone please explain this metabolic pathway, or alternatively, another important B12 pathway please?
  8. its more biological, i am studying animal biology. We have been told to strictly focus on the molecular and cellular level of the vitamins we are discussing. Thank you! The image linked is showing how we can make niacin in the body from tryptophan; part of my essay is just to discuss the role of niacin in the pathway...so really very basic to tie in! Good suggestion on the B12 pathway, thank you. Thank you both for your helpful input
  9. Hi all, I am currently writing up an essay on Niacin and Vitamin B12; I am focusing on niacin currently. Part of the marking scheme asks for information on a specific metabolic pathway so I was going to talk about the process from tryptophan to nicotinic acid. The essay is to be 1500 words so not too much but how should I write about a specific metabolic pathway without just directly quoting the order of the diagram? I have included the diagram that i have within my essay. Is there a more exciting way to write about this?! and would this be the best metabolic pathway to discuss? Does anyone also have a suggestion for a good pathway to talk about when I come to writing up the B12 part? Thanks!
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