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  1. ok that reply up there by "me" was actually my dad..... please delete it.....
  2. It is similar to asking what exists below -273degC or how do new galaxies keep springing up. To say that unless something can be proved scientifically it is not to be believed at all hence the theory of the existence of God is not scientific, please will someone tell me if the moneky theory has been proven? No, it cannot be if you know the basis for scientifically proving a theory. There are miriads of unanswered questions in our universe, nay our world, and because we do not understand them should only point to a much, much higher intellegence that designed and created all that is seen and unseen. The fact that we can only use not even 10% of our brain capacity tells us that the creator designed us for higher purposes but in our arrogance we blot Him out and struggle in our chook house. What happens if you travel beyond the speed of light? If the sun is millions of years old where did it get that unfathomable amount of energy to burn for so long??? Try God!
  3. i looked up that book....Oct 16, 1984 seems to be a long time ago.......i know scientific things dont really change, but my teacher says uni level chemistry things are constanly changing and improving.......would it really help me?
  4. no its a proper course, and by the end of the year i would have already done first year uni at grade 11 Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedno its a proper course, and by the end of the year i would have already finnished first year of uni physics at grade 11
  5. me and a few other students in my class chose to take the oppertinity to do a uni course at school for free, and i just wanted to know what are some really basic topics i should read up on, and keep my self prepared and brace myself because i hear its gonna be psychotically hard
  6. oh cool thanx for the help again Tree, i wish i was as smart as you . i managed to get an average error of 1.9, but i think ill try the algebaic method you suggested.
  7. i doubt it would be either of those 2 because there is another column wich i left out, the number of fish. As the months go on the number of fish decrease, and i need to find the best time to go fishing, that is the time that they grow most in......
  8. could i possibly do this using a graph ?????
  9. ok i dont know how to do this and was wondering if anyone would educate me in this i have formula to get the length(l) of fish in relationship to time elapsed(t) ( l=80*(1-0.96^t)). and those numbers below are what i got, and i got a series of Weight values for the fish at those lengths. Length(cm) Weight(g) months 3.2 1.00 10.1 15 3.31 25 236 9.18 32.6 520 12.82 35.4 660 14.31 43.8 1250 19.43 45.5 1425 20.60 55.7 2590 29.19 how do i get the formula to calculate the weight of the fish i did a bit of reading and was wondering if i could use integration to do this.
  10. thanx tree, sorry for the annoyence....
  11. sorry for my late reply, but personal things kept me away from internet access. ok so now i have the gradients for each of the points. im sorry but could you please explain to me how to do simple differentiation.
  12. lol we did the stopwatch thing already i got 15 hundreths of a second a few times . the fastest i did was 11 hundreths but i only got that once..... me and my mate talked and we decided on reacting to visual stimulus. like watch for a change in something and do something thats meta-physically challenging.
  13. me and a friend are fast, and really competative. are there some tests we can do to see which one of us is faster? gotta be something physical..... no silly clicking flash game tests.....
  14. they are just quantities, i got by using the excel formula i got from the book. and the graph was made in excel. Length Surface area Volume 0 =6*(A2^2) =A2^3 1 " " 2 " " 3 " " 4 " " 5 " " 6 " " 7 " " 8 " " 9 " " 10 " " they are not the Volume or surface area of anything. please do not do the whole thing. i want to do it myself.
  15. sry to keep nagging but here is a picture of what im trying to find. at one point surface area lines gradient is going faster than the Volumes, i need to know the x value for the point where the volume takes over.... is what i looked at before relavent .... it looked a bit off....
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