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  1. Only a few things in the psychiatric bible called the DSM have been proven to be brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease. The vast majority of 'mental illnesses' cannot be proven to exist in the brain in objective reality. Also, psychiatry uses a different nosology than the nosological medical branch that deals with brain diseases such as Parkinson's diseases. If mental illnesses were real brain diseases then psychiatry would not need it's own seperate nosological branch. Psychiatry is grade-A bullshit pseudo-science or as Thomas Szasz says psychiatry should be called pseudology or the 'science of lies'. Philosophy is armchair thinking I don't need a cititation but then again you already figured that out since you are self proclaimed 'genius' right ? Science and philosophy both deal with objective truth but they use different methods. My evidence is appeal to praxeological experience that the common man can see, without access to special labs, if he looks hard enough at certain states of affairs. That is philosophy. Perhaps I am mistaken in my praxeological perception but that remains to be seen. Anyway, I am not going to argue with you any longer. Only 1 man in 100 is worth me arguing with and you are not one of them.
  2. The whole work Tractatus-Logico-Philosophicus is senseless yet is one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century so what is your point ? Your point is that you don't understand philosophy ? That you think it is irrelevant shows your lack of understanding of philosophy and politics and how they inter-relate with psychiatry in the modern state. You are just showing your ignorance. First is true the second maybe not. Anyway, it doesn't matter that the first is true because at worst that just makes the mind a philosophical concept , like it was back during Aristotle's time, rather than a scientific concept. If you have to ask what the geopolitical north is then that sounds pretty ignorant. Neolithic humans : 90-130 IQ Paleotropical humans like 70-90 IQ roughly speaking cognitive elite IQ 130-150 average roughly speaking It is relevant because neolithic humans infect science with politics and religion and cannot do real science proper. They should go to jail or prison for the first group and the latter group is a libertarian issue Physicists have IQ's in the cognitive elite range, on average, and physics is the king of all sciences. The average IQs of these groups. The smartest of the neolithic humans are enemies of the cognitive elite like the churchmen who persecuted Galileo. Because physicists have the highest IQs of all scientists and all science must obey the laws of physics. Religion is nothing more than a superstition that has been around long enough to become respectable. Neolithic humans are using psychiatry in a similar way to religion in the modern secular West. Its irrelevant because it is nonsensical in the context of physics and therefore it is nonsensical or irrelevant to all of science since physics is the king of all the other sciences. The mind and the brain are not synonymous I care nothing for the inferior neolithic human trash called the humanistic sciences even though I used the concept of IQ and IQ is not proof of mathematics encompassing the entire mythical 'mind'. You mean like your mentally retarded neolithic human opinion on religion ?
  3. Really, I think there is just a huge gap of knowledge between us. You seem to be specialized like an insect while I have a wider knowledge more like a polymath. I could be wrong but that is how it seems to me. What you call rambling and incoherent I call a deficit of knowledge on your part so you are seemingly incapable of understanding what I said. Bottom line is 1.) the mind and brain are not synonymous 2.) at best the 'mind' is a philosophical metaphysical concept and it is literally impossible for the mind to be a legitimate scientific concept since physics is the king of all sciences and 3.) mental illness is a myth. Now that I broke it down into easy to understand little kiddy chunks can you understand what I am saying now ? BTW, I'm not the first philosopher to claim that mental illness is a social construct the French philosopher Michel Foucalt preceded me. I argue differently with my own style though. I never claimed that people do not have "problems in living" I merely claim that to label them 'mentally ill' or having a "psychiatric disorder" is not scientific since it is impossible for the mind to be a real scientific concept. The mind is part of the human sciences not the physical sciences e.g. physics and biology. I am also stating that the human sciences are not real sciences since they contain much more fiction than the natural sciences. The human sciences are not only different from the natural sciences they are in many ways its polar opposite. Really Jews aren't ethnocentric ? Why aren't Jews proselytizing like the Jehovah's witnesses then ? And why are jews a matrileneal tribe then ? All neolithic humans show tendencies towards ethnocentrism it is just that Jews seem to exhibit this to the extreme of all the neolithic humans. Pointing out this praxeological observation may be an uncomfortable truth and it may be taboo but it does not automatically make me a racist. Also, callling me a racist is surely some form of the wider logical fallacy called the ad hominem is it not ? Anyway, this discussion is not suppose to digress to one about jews or racism or anything of that sort. https://www.amazon.com/Psychiatry-Science-Lies-Thomas-Szasz/dp/0815609108/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472889249&sr=8-1&keywords=psychiatry+the+science+of+lies
  4. author : Kevin Burke email removed by moderator “The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth”.-- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe “ Truth has no manners. It is no respecter of persons. It wounds kings as deeply as commoners. It cuts down the high, and confirms the lowness of the low. It may dress up for formal occasions, but it does so only in order that it may more shockingly expose itself in front of the assembled company. And just as it respects no one, likewise there are few who respect it. But those who do are granted many favors -- power, understanding, dominion, and of course the honor of the unswerving hatred of the ignorant millions.” –John Bryant In the modern West there is a stifling lack of freedom, at least in many of the nations, and especially in the so called exemplar of Democracy and freedom, in the West, that represents it the most, currently, as an empire : America. America is full of hypocrisy but I will not digress too far into the full depth of its hypocrisy rather than to state while America is running around ostensibly trying to setup Democracy for other nations , like Iraq, America, in and of itself, is not even a Democracy or a Republic but an oligarchy (although, its citizens do enjoy some features of Democratic government). The American political system is a complete sham since the differences between the Republicans and Democrats are superficial since both represent big government and since there is no proportional representation system , like in parts of Europe, there is a negative feedback loop which reinforces this two party tyranny. For simplicities sake I will call this statist tyranny a Hamiltonian-Hegelian hybrid. Under Hegelianism truth follows theory rather than empirical truth where truth corresponds with the facts of reality. Americans are fond of quoting Jefferson but we live in Hamilton’s country now etc.. if we truly lived in Jeffersonian style freedom our lives would follow more under the system of him and also people like Locke and John Stuart Mill. Anyway, Hegel thought he reckoned the Noumenal realm but what he really did was spout metaphysical nonsense, according to Schopenhauer and one of his successors , known as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer had this to say on Hegel : “What was senseless and without meaning at once took refuge in obscure exposition and language. Fichte was the first to grasp and make use of this privilege; Schelling at best equalled him in this, and a host of hungry scribblers without intellect or honesty soon surpassed them both. But the greatest effrontery in serving up sheer nonsense, in scrabbling together senseless and maddening webs of words, such as had previously been heard only in madhouses, finally appeared in Hegel...” I realize the irony of using a Schopenhauer quote that is not critical of ‘madhouses’ but the overall message is too important to leave out. I will not quote , right here, but I will in just a bit , Wittgenstein because it is generally known among the educated that his philosophy would show Hegel’s philosophy to be nonsense since Wittgenstein’s philosophy is an entire critique of such language. Anyway, the Hegelian statist does not tolerate idiosyncratic mindsets that produce free thoughts and consequently it is also an anti-science ideology ,too, among other things. So now that we cleared that up that sets the scaffolding or context for my criticism which will follow in the libertarian or classical liberal vain and which should be protected under the first amendment of the United States. Wittgenstein only published one work in his lifetime although he would later pick up a new method I believe his first work was more objectively pure and the latter was not even finished and what was finished of it I choose not to take as profoundly as the first work, therefore, I find the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to be more authoritative. Bertrand Russell said of Wittgenstein’s later work , the Blue and Brown books, the following : “It seems to concern itself, not with the world and our relation , but only with the different ways in which silly people can say silly things. If this is all that philosophy has to offer, I cannot think that it is a worthy subject of study..." So as Wittgenstein believed that philosophy is the logical clarification of thoughts I will quote from the Tractatus ,although, Wittgenstein would forbid such as ‘senseless’, if only for the reason that it might spur you on to read it in context and then ‘throw away’ the proverbial ‘ladder’ so you may see the world as it really is as Wittgenstein so famously put it , in the former and now the latter : “The correct method in philosophy would really be the following: to say nothing except what can be said, i.e., propositions of natural science - i.e., something that has nothing to do with philosophy - and then, whenever someone else wanted to say something metaphysical, to demonstrate to him that he had failed to give a meaning to certain signs in his propositions.” Also, it is worth noting that Stephen Hawking in his book “The Grand Design” stated that philosophy has failed to keep up with science so is now obsolete. Now the stage is set for my criticism of the whole concept of ‘mental illness’. Mental illness is a social construction of the Neolithic humans who dominate the geopolitical North. Neolithic humans use it as a means to enforce their status quo social stasis and force conformity on people they call eccentrics. Many of these people are actually geniuses who they try to force mental torpor upon via neuroleptics (some of which are neurotoxic). In doing this they not only impede their own group performance (from benefiting from potential new technologies and scientific methods created by the cognitive elite) but they severely impede the evolution of the cognitive elite. Even without these neuroleptics the Neolithic humans still impede the evolution of the elite while the elite group increases their performance. The humanistic sciences, such as psychiatry, have organized religious attributes and are not real sciences proper. That is because Neolithic humans have the ability to organize politically and religiously but they are incapable of doing real science. That is why we see the psychiatrist acts as kind of a shaman or a priest of sorts, it seems, and why Franz Boas was such an authoritative leader with ulterior ethnocentric Jewish motives. Boas effectively removed evolution from anthropology. However, Wittgenstein and Einstein, unlike Boas, had intelligence levels in the cognitive elite range so their science and philosophy (yes, I realize the scope here was about science but it applies more globally but I won't digress) were not tainted by any ulterior ethnocentric Jewish motives because they were not neolithic humans. Also, the biggest enemies of the cognitive elite are the smartest of the neolithic humans such as doctors and chemists etc.. so it is no surprise there seems to be a collusion between them to inflict malice, on the cognitive elite, with neuroleptics. So, the humanistic sciences are the Neolithic humans attempt to emulate or imitate the cognitive elite’s real science e.g. physics. For instance, there is confirmation bias in the social sciences, as well, as it is sometimes hard to keep social science and fiction apart since there is so much fiction in much of modern social science and so much social science in modern fiction. This is in high contrast to real sciences such as physics. Although, this may be changing to some degree in modern physics as George Ellis and Joseph Silk wrote in a controversial tract called : "Scientific Method: Defend the Integrity of Physics," which criticized a seemingly new willingness of a minority of physicists to set aside experimental confirmation of some the newest cosmic theories. Anyhow, even if the latter is true physics still has a much higher fidelity for objective truth than the humanistic sciences and social sciences. Anyway, physics is the king of all sciences in that all sciences must obey its laws. The concept of the mind and hence ‘mental illness’ is metaphysical in nature and so is nonsensical according to physics and the philosophy of Wittgenstein. According to physics the mind is a nonsensical concept (the mind and brain are not synonymous) and therefore only neurology is a real science when it comes to this realm. All psychiatry’s ostensible claim to neurological links are by definition spurious as the whole concept is nonsensical to begin with. The latter is like trying to build a house on quicksand. Also, since mathematics is the queen of the sciences and can measure or reflect anything that exists in objective reality it is obvious that you can take someone’s brain out, on the autopsy table, and measure it but you cannot measure someone’s mind with mathematics and that is because the mind doesn’t’ exist in objective reality like the brain. Rather, the mind is an abstract concept, for the brain, that makes it easier for some humans to comprehend some higher functions of the brain. Anyway, mental illness does not exist : quod erat demonstrandum.
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