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  1. I wasen't realy thinking 'real world' just mathematicaly. Its realy hard to explain what I mean but i'll try. If there is an infinate amount of numbers between any two numbers how can it not encompass all numbers. Example there in an infinate amount of numbers between 1 and 2 but 3 is not in there. How can you have an infinate that is in a defined range and not express all numbers is it realy infinate then?
  2. How did you tell which side was up?
  3. I not sure which maths forum to stick this in so I'm putting it here I don't mind if it gets moved though. I was thinking about this earlyer and its been bugging me for a while now. Say you have two numbers 1 and 2 isn't there an inifnate amount of numbers between them? Like 1.999' So how can we ever get from one to the other? Does that make sense I'm going crazy here!
  4. I just find it funny that the bible code 1 was written before 9/11 and failed to predict it while the bible code 2 written after 9/11 did predict it...whats the go there?
  5. I thought geometricized units were exclusively used in generaly reletivity? maybe I'm wrong. So does it work when you use normal units?
  6. Actualy funny story, my dad went to catholic school and was left handed so they forced him to right with his right hand so now hes ambidextrous. So much for 'dark ages' huh? `Scott
  7. How about what we've got now but with no guns? `Scott
  8. I would dissagree, I think by having a balance between both halves you would get the best of both worlds. But what would I know I'm not 'equimanual';) `Scott
  9. An amibidextrous person would have that same advantage as the right handed person and then some. Also I think being well coordinated with both hands would be an advantage. `Scott
  10. Quote from the link And earlyer you state This would mean that you say Newtons equation for escape velocity is v=sqrt((2Gm/c2)/r) as the equation for a schwarzchild radius is r=(2Gm/c^2) However I think you will find that newtons equation for escape velocity is v=sqrt(2Gm/r). So you appear to have incorrectly stated newtons equation for escape velocity. Is this a major problem......? `Scott
  11. If I may I would like to tack on another question. Why are there more people right handed then left handed and even less ambidextrous people? Wouldn't evolution favoured the ambidextrous?
  12. I have been looking at some job websites but unfortunately there is not many of them. Also the kind of research I thinking of is theoretical like string theory and other up and coming theories. `Scott
  13. Thanks for the help:-) Can I ask you how much oppertunity there is for research in physics? I don't mean is there anythig left to research but how many positions are available in research. Thanks. I think matter is fermions like quarks and electrons. But what gives matter the propety of mass? `Scott
  14. Oh right kinetic energy of an ideal gas (right?). I see your equating the kinetic energy of a solid mass against the kinetic energy of a ideal gas. So for the car to be in thermal equilibrium with its surroundings they must be equal, I think I get it...Thanks:-)
  15. Thanks that makes sense i am a little lost on how you first worked out the temperature though. I don't think so we were always taught tht diffraction occurs when the wave passes through a gap that is similar is sive to the wavelength. I think the door is alot larger then your wavelength. `Scott
  16. I know what thermal equilibrium is but I'm sorry I don't know how to calculate temperature from velocity:embarass: I think it would just be wild to see a visable thing as a wave. `Scott
  17. Oh yeah, I understand that we can observe the particle as a wave (such as an electron or neutron) but I ment macroscopic objects. How about this we have a model car something small just wheels on a board on the slightest incline you can imagine in a controlled environment woulden't it be moving so slow that we could see it as a wave? What would it look like?. Bummer about that mass thing, explains why my teacher coulden't tell me if no-one knows. Could someone elaborate on the higgs field a bit? `Scott
  18. Ecoli, I agree, but the bad behaviour of the many shoulden't condemn the few. I never said that the mother took pleasure in aborting the baby...I'm interested in knowing where you got that from:confused: . However I'm not advocating these protestors I for one would never protest an abortion centre, as I said I'm pro-abortion, i'm just pointing out that the system needs to change. Aumsonata, Granted but what about the mans right to keep their child. They are fuly responsible once it is born weather they want it or not. But have no say in its well being before its born. About the bolded part, I think your refering to making abortion illegal. I agree that it should be legal to aboprt a baby, but how about 'regulations' that protect the rights of both parents? `Scott
  19. Over here abortion is not as big an issue as in the US. I can agree with you martin that from our perspective these guys are behaving in a very jerkish manner. However have you considered why they may be protesting? What always gets me about abortion is that the father has no say in what happens at all. Perhaps these are fathers of aborted babies. Who feal betrayed by a system that would take their child away if the mother says or make them pay child support for 18 years without any consideration to what they want. I'm pro abortion but I think the current system sucks in many respects. Scott
  20. We have finished learning about this in school and I have a problem with it. The equation we get taught to use for this is Wavelength = h/mv Why can we not slow somethings velocity down sufficiently to cause an observable wavelength? Like 10^-40m/s. Also while ive got a thread open what is mass? Why do some particles have it while others dont? ~Scott
  21. I must apologise if someone has already said this but I only got up to page four. Ok how about this for a model of the universe, it is a sphere with an expanding radius. We all exist on the surface of the sphere sort of like spacetime only curved not flat. `Scott
  22. I think the graviton is predicted as massless because it can be propagated over infinate distances like the photon wich is also massless. ~Scott
  23. "The Sum of the Parts May Be Greater Than the Whole" I wasn't going to bring this up but seeing as someone brought up biology why not? How about the binding energy in the nucleus, the mass defect causes the sum of the individual nucleons to be greater then the nucleus when its bound together. Well thats what we get thaught in highschool anyway. ~Scott
  24. Ok thanks. Hey I see your a physics expert you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but I'm just deciding what to do at uni and I was just wanting to know if you do research and if so what? Also would you reccomend physics as a career choice or if you could choose another area of science? Actually this question is to other professional scientists as well. Thanks. Scott
  25. Ok, does a photon take up space? and if it does there must be a limit to how many you can put in a (100%) reflective box. So what im asking whether or not it is possible just considering the space issue. Scott
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