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  1. In this video I make an approach to what is entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. You might think that entropy is just an abstract concept born from math and without any physical meaning, but in reality is something quite simple to grasp that has a big role in our mundane lifes. Entropy is the reason we can't make perpetual machines, entropy is the origin of all inefficiencies and mother to all wastes. link removed per rule 2.7
  2. It's possible, but not easy. You would have to use round bullets and have a gun capable of shooting the bullet (giving it a linear velocity) and spinning that bullet at a very fast velocity (angular velocity ), because of The Magnus effect the bullet would make the bullet curve into the direction of the spinning. For better understanding of the Magnus effect, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7MsYZgtXXo advertising links deleted
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