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  1. I've already told the reasons for doing it. It's the only way to achieve peace, grow up.
  2. Oh, sorry. I thought it was the "Step on a butterfly" one. I've already read that site. I didn't remember it.
  3. You troll. Serious, where is it?
  4. What's the force that makes the Earth keep going straight ahead? If there's no force to make it go to the horizon, it would go straight to the Sun.
  5. I said, bombing it. So if there's a lot of energy, will it explode?
  6. Sorry I have to ask this How much antimatter would it take to kill all life on Earth?
  7. So why doesn't the gravity make the Earth go straight to the Sun?
  8. So how big would it have to be to suck the whole Earth?
  9. What can we do with a bunch of antimatter?
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