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  1. My name is Arieh Sher. I've recently thought of a new theory regarding the structure of the Universe. I call it, the "Pivot theory". Basically, the Pivot theory is very simple. The theory claims that the whole visible Universe has a ring shape thatis rotating around a Black Hole which has an enormous mass. I refer to this Black Hole as the Pivot. One of the biggest unsolved issues in cosmology is the rotation curve flattening of stars in Galaxies. This shape of the curve is contradicting classic mechanics. Cosmologists suggested the existence of the Dark Matter as an explanation for the curve flattening. My main claim is that the same mass of the dark matter (calculated by cosmologists to be ~6 times the mass of the visible Universe) resides inside the Pivot rather than surrounding the Galaxies. Observations so far have not found the dark matter. If the missing mass resides in the Pivot, the dark matter will most probably be never found. It is clear that any theory must be accompanied by a mathematical model and validated by observations. The Pivot theory, apart from solving the issue of the dark matter,has a mathematical model that explains additional observed and yet unsolved issues in cosmology such as: · Rotation curve flattening of stars in Galaxies. · Universe expansion - how come that most Galaxies are drifting away from the Milky Way but others (e.g. Andromeda) are approaching the Milky Way. This is clearly conflicts with the Big Bang theory. · The theory can explain Hubble's law. · If the Universe is isotropic, how come observations show that the number of Galaxies rotating Clock Wise differs significantly from Galaxies rotating counter Clock Wise? · What is the reason for the shape of spiral Galaxies? According to classical mechanics, the spirals should be tightly wound up, by now. I've tried attaching a PDF with my entire theory, but keep getting a failed message. If you'd like to know more, please visit my site at pivot-theory.com I would appreciate your thoughts on my Pivot theory.
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