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    Science, history, mathematics, biology, anatomy and physiology. Anything, really, that furthers one's own intellect and knowledge. But above all else, I am governed by rational thinking and logic. Otherwise known as common sense, I "feel" that it is the most essential part of human thinking, right up there with the scientific method.
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    I am a 28 year old man, with a wife and two year old daughter. I love music, which is why I sing, play guitar, banjo, violin, and harmonica.
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    feed mill worker.
  1. Because he didn't travel into the future
  2. In a real scenario, you could simply run them along a wall. Nails and screws are made of ferrous metals, and concrete contains steel rebar. One will stick to the wall, one will not.
  3. I stumped it. It took a little bit, because it kept dodging, but I won. My question was : what do you know when what you know and what you think you know is what you didnt know when you knew it?
  4. I got all of them right. The second one took me approx. ten seconds before I realized it was a trick question. Lol.
  5. Plus, as the moderator points out, we are supposed to supply original thought, not links to videos or other people's opinions.
  6. I understand your desire to dismiss giving an explanation as to why this question should be answered, but I feel a certain amount of obligation to answer even the most mundane of questions, regardless of how annoying they are. If I knew that nobody believed this garbage anymore, I wouldn't have replied at all. That being said, science needs to be transparent, so everyone can understand and appreciate what our universe is really like. I hate to say it, but many people STILL believe that the world is only 6,000 years old, flat, and created in seven days, as well as this topic. I think it's sad,
  7. You are correct ONLY if you count along one side of the room, instead of two. If, however, you did that same equation (6+6+6+6+6=30) twice, you get you square. I used to be a Carpenter, so I handled this type of equation constantly. While 6*5=30, the actual equation you are performing is 6x5, meaning that each side of the square (assuming the room is square) must be multiplied by it perpendicular (X*Y)tthat's why the answer for area will always contain a power (squared, cubed, fouth, fifth, etc).
  8. I have yet to see the video, but from what I've read in these postings, it is something to the effect, "the Earth is the center of the universe". First; I'm surprised that nobody here has put forth an explanation refuting the aforementioned video. If I am correct in believing that their argument is a geocentric notion of the cosmos, then the answer is surprisingly simple: our tiny, little planet has neither the mass, nor size to have enough gravity to hold celestial bodies of such magnitude as the sun and Jupiter in an orbit around it. If this were true, life probably could never have existed
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