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  1. I did the math and I calculated that for a case our shield being stationary it should be pushed by engines in an opposite direction of this of the wind by the averege net force 1x10^8 N . if we assume that our shield is verry light and its area is 100 x 20 sq km of one of its walls and the average wind speed is 3 m/s ! If it is from somemetamaterial absoulutly transperant could it be absoloutly invisible and undetectable for the casual citizen ? What are the issues?
  2. What about the static shield gonna produce. Maybe around it there would be cloud from dudt particles. Or the particles will stick on the walls of the shield !
  3. And what ifmengines are constantly updated!!? Till last ones are exhausted new ones are coming
  4. Ye can some material coating somethung verry larfe be a soulutly invisible unsuspiciously invisible?
  5. Great answer I just couldnt catch the last part about the energy. Why not with iin engines so if they are better
  6. What is the blurind of casual day with normal sunny weahter?
  7. Can metamaterial be perfeclty transperant on both sides. When you see it from one and from the other ?
  8. So yes because i dont know anything about it. Tell me about evry force and its consequence over the cone or pyramide. Let pyramid be thin not thick
  9. I dont know what will happen with the pyramid Winds , pressure , some other fluid mechanical forces
  10. If we build cone or a pyramid with thick transperant sides from graphene for instance. And the cone has h = 10 km. And r = 50 km .and we put the cone over some big region . Does the earth atmosphere with its net momentum over sides of the cone give a push down our hipothetical cone or pyramid ?
  11. Thought experiment. Let's suppose This is for example China no matter. So where is the problem to pack itself some of theese three ways. In the last one shield is managed by some veichules in the space. Shield is from carbon nanutubes. It's light
  12. Let's imagine that constructing the telescope for our needs is done. My question is about atmospherical seeing since it has nothing to do with the size of the lenses or with the technology involved. Despite best attemps I suppose that there would be no way dealing with random motion of gases around the earth wich can make dispersion ,reflection , difraction and depolarization of light rays in uncountable limit because it is all random. So for a remote astraunats somewhere in deep space on their remote planet looking to earth even with telescope with the size of milky way or even bigger there will be no way to unblur the taken picture from the atmospherical seeing. Any attemp to catch clear photo would be detronized by the random motion of great content of gase ! If I'm wrong disprove me !
  13. Why metalic carbon nanotubes or greaphen is said to block perfeclty microwaves
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