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  1. Thank you Strange for detailed answer - it helped me to realize my mistake. I misunderstood infinity and reached wrong conclusion, because of that. Thanks again!
  2. Hello scienceforums, I would like to hear your opinion on this idea about "nothing" (This is inspired by question "Why there is something rather than nothing??") - in an absolute way "nothing" doesn't have any response (can't be proven), it doesn't contain any space, and can't occupy any space, so it can't be "stored" within existing phenomena -> this would mean that "nothing" is just a concept our mind created, and that "something" and "nothing" are just completely different entities, which simultaneously denies "existence" of each other - so if our world is "something", there can't be any "nothing", so it means that our environment can't have any boundaries, and thus is infinite - and also if we cut our spacetime into slices there can't be any slice zero, because transition from slice zero to slice one is impossible, and also there can't be any final slice, because conversely "something" can't be transformed into "nothing" -> and we can't really have "first" slice too, because than we can ask what initiated that one, and the answer has to be "something" -> and this is possible only if spacetime would form a loop, so that "first" one is created by "final" one -> this would basically suggest, that existence itself is scripted and everything is repeating infinite amount of times Thank you for answer and wish you a nice day guys
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