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    Devils marsh, Sleeping Forest.
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    Resurrection by God, meditating, Mysticism, Science, Sex, Smoking, Outer Space
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    Various, Josiah Mason College
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    Been killed many times. I turn into a spirit serrechePenance, and come back from prayer.
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    Opera Singer/Mystic Scientist
  1. I believe in life after death. I'm a 5'4'' Whelp(Low stats Mystic), been shot and beaten to death many times. With me, if I die, I turn into a spirit. I gave myself in that form the name serrechePenance. One man who has killed me many times is Irvine Ingrams, a 6ft 1in collossus. Death feels to me, like numbness, then I turn into a spirit, meditate, or take medicine, and go back to solid state._ I dont think anyones ever going to be erased from existence. That would be like the ultimate, hatred. And energy can burn out, but the law of physics is energy cannot be created or destroyed so, th
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