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  1. They are both first and both second if you understand my meaning O I don't believe this. It's not useful. I've just told you that if an asteroid hits we will not all die. What the hell is wrong with you? I've just solved the chicken and egg problem. Where is my thanks? I could help this beautiful world but I keep getting the door closed in my face This site is corrupt. I can see straight through it
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    Hello. Just a useful bit of information. An asteroid impact with the earth would cause very minor damage. It would take the tops of mountains. I'm talking about an asteroid comparable in size to the earth. You see anything coming into the immediate vicinity of the earth would do so in very slow motion. This is proved by the moon orbiting the earth. Very slow and therefore with very minor damage. It would bounce on the surface of the earth before settling. Then the two bodies would start rotating as one body. The bigger something is the slower it moves relative to observer. I know. This disproves galileo I can't absolutely prove that the two bodies would rotate together. Also if it hits the moon first then the moon will go to it being the smaller body. It's a kind of molecular fusion. By the way the chicken and egg problem is very easy to solve. You see the chicken came from an egg which came from a chicken which came from an egg. And so you see the egg came from a chicken which came from an egg which came from a chicken. Very easy
  3. Come on an answer What are the tiny lights called? Think I meant that newton was a shit People use the weight of an apple? I wasn't referring to the newton you stupid fool It was a joke
  4. I took a shit the other day and called it a newton Lol? Is that the extent of your intelligence? John you disappoint me. Go back to school. I would advise hawking to do the same thing. My idea is not an idea it is law. Number is relative to the observer. This can not be denied. The universe is a womb . I arrived at the truth using pure genius alone. Worm hole is the wrong term. Worm tunnel is the right one. You will respect me. In a human body are billions of tiny lights. What do you think they are called?
  5. I may learn something? You take the bloody lesson You arrogant shit. One day you will give me respect. Every science is the same science thicko. Physics is biology is chemistry. Excuse me mr moderator
  6. Question: how can 1 and 1 make 2 when 1 and 1 make 1? I have proof that 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and so on ad infinitum are all the same number. The proof is everywhere. It's a simple case of common sense. 1 and 2 are only different numbers relative to one observer. To someone half my size they are 3 and 4. This can't be denied. That's why it is proved. The universe in a nut shell. So how do 1 and 1 make 1? How do 2 and 2 make 1?
  7. It wasn't wrong. I apologise. Emotional content is hard to read in text. I accused you of being confrontational. Maybe I was wrong. Does anyone agree that intellect holds the mind prisoner? Is intellect or that is our perception of intellect applicable to classical science alone? Is the problem with modern science the fact that even though the ideas are original the intellect behind them is classical? Is classical intellect a horse with blinkers?
  8. I am not the author of this idea though I support it. I just thought I'd see what others think. Some of the terminology I disagree with. Atoms are spaceships in which tiny super intelligent pilots exist. This is the idea. What do people think?
  9. If Ronaldo is the queen, messi is the rook, knight and bishop. Why are your replies confrontational? I quote. 'No it's you that misunderstands'. Are you an authority? If you are then I will accept your criticism I quote. ' no its you that misunderstands'. A lack of maturity on your part You are now a little angry. Quite predictable
  10. You say you can ask lots of questions that have no answer. You have misunderstood. I mean a question whose answer doesn't exist. 20/20 vision and blindness aren't so different. If this isn't clear then people who have perfect eyesight usually can't see the wood for the trees. So I repeat: to answer a question whose answer does not exist is profound. I apologise. To ask a question whose answer does not exist is profound. Slip of the tongue.
  11. Does alternate reality have alternate truth? Do all our laws and theories and ideas belong to one reality alone? Does this therefore make truth and law relative? Is the principia relative? Is relativity relative? It is more profound to ask a question to which there is no answer than to give correct answers to thousands of questions. In this reality alone is there no answer to a particular question. Is there an alternate reality? One truth is that we might never know. Knowledge which has no end and no beginning is absolute. But even this is one truth alone To know much about two truths is a greater achievement than to know everything about one
  12. Does it really? An acceptable idea needs to have some attachment to reality as we know it. AS WE KNOW IT indeed. But how about considering reality as we don't know. Is this anymore insubstantial or irrelevant?
  13. I am appalled that a post in which someone gave an idea of atoms being spaceships in which super intelligent people live, has been stopped. That person's voice has been silenced!!!! No one has the right to silence another human being. It is suppression!!!! Even considering the possibility that this individual may be in error, no one has the right to silence him or her. I am disgusted. I quote ' this is a science site not a science fiction site' moderators note. The author of the moderators note is a disgrace. Silencing someone because of the single motive that you disagree with them is very wrong. How can anyone disprove the author of this fascinating idea? That atoms are spaceships in which super intelligent people live. I myself am critical of this idea and believe imagination has took too essential a role. Nevertheless the author may not be so far from the truth as lesser thinkers such as the moderator who silenced him might believe or able to accept How can the world find peace when stupidity suppresses an individual????
  14. Forgiveness is a gift like any other. If someone has forgiveness in them which is infallible then they are extremely gifted. An unusual ability to understand people and their behaviour whatever that behaviour is, usually coincides with an incredible ability to forgive. For every action there is a cause. For every behaviour there is a cause. This cause can sometimes be out of thehands of the individual who may be behaving inappropriately. For this reason these particular individuals should not be blamed for their actions. Behaviour is however a matter of choice but even the particular choice is dependant on factors which have as their source a cause which is or was not chosen. The knowledge of behaviour and cause of behaviour which sometimes is not a matter of choice and even if the behaviour itself is a matter of choice is usually the knowledge and more importantly the understanding of that knowledge of someone who has an unusual ability to forgive.
  15. An excellent start to the possibility of world peace is if all people remembered that human beings have the ability to make errors. Even if a particular person believes themselves to be right, if they can just remember that one of the flaws of humanity is the ability which is sometimes involuntary, of making errors then world peace has a possible beginning. Nothing beyond that beginning, but a starting point nevertheless.
  16. Why do people get angry when they themselves don't understand?
  17. This opinion and it is an opinion is that in travelling 20 miles and returning along the same route instead of having travelled 40 miles you have travelled 20. If you were to travel there and return and travel there again and return you have still only travelled 20 miles. This is because the distance is 20 miles. If you were to use a different route but returned still to the start of the journey, 20 miles is still the distance covered. You can only travel more than twenty if you keep travelling without returning. To travel 20 miles and one step is a further distance than travelling 20 miles and returning.
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