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  1. Well, I see what your saying I don't even believe time travel would be possible so far but yes I do see the molecules would exist before the time machine even existed I may have not seen that because there is room for mistakes because my ideas I have had I have discussed with many and may have not picked it up
  2. What if there could be a pill to replace sex. I'm thinking of this on some chemistry researching a pill that can cause pregnancy the opposite of a Morning after Pill. The creation of the pill would be time taking as the male would have to offer his genetics of course the male would do it through a pill my idea was from the Morning after Pill. Ofcourse this may be very impractical or just impossible it's just a theory I have from my research i've been doing I'm not much of a Organic Chemistry person or Biology person. Tell me what you think
  3. Time Travel would very well break the laws of the Universe yes there are some thing for why it is possible but here is my reasoning for why it is Impossible Okay, lets say you have built a time machine in 1999 that time machine cannot come back in time past the year 1999 because the time machine did not exist yet, and is destroyed in the year 2012 so it cannot further than 2012 but still the time machine cannot even go into the future because the future has not happened yet. Then also when you travel in time saying it is even possible you' go back to 2003 and let's say you were in Rhode Island in 2003 but the time machine was in Ohio you would suddenly be in Rhode Island and the Time machine would be in Ohio. Thinking in the Grandfather Paradox "If you go back in time before your Grandmother and Grandfather met and you killed your Grandfather you would not exist but you were not born yet so how could you kill your Grandfather if you did not exist" maybe not the best example but still go to show how Impossible time travel would be and if not Impractical.
  4. Yes, I have thought of it but it sounds highly impossible because things are you unique they only happen once the creation of the universe could have not happened if there was one small difference so it sounds unlikely please tell me if I am misunderstanding this.
  5. First of all you should put this in the Puzzles area of the forum. What would I do I would invite friends to take part in the discussion.
  6. I have made a theory so if this can't go here please tell me I've been doing research on Evolution I theorize that there will be a point when species become perfect for their environment, I believe Humans are close to this I have done research on Natural Selection and I believe we may see a world where humans are perfectly adapted for the environment so much we can not evolve any more because we already have what we need. Now yes I do see the flaws in which how the weak die the strong live but now we have medicine and technology so now the weak and the strong live so this comes that if evolution make a species as intelligent as us it is possible we could reach a peak that's my theory anyway tell me what you think and if I should move this.
  7. I just wanted to document this and have opinions I Got half a cup of grape Kool-Aid then I put in a teaspoon of ionized salt then I stirred it afterword's I checked if I had changed the smell when I smelled it I got a light-headedness little balance loss. I then put in lukewarm water and then the thing with the smell was gone it had the same smell but a different effect don't know if it's just me.
  8. I don't think there are any other than acids and boiling water correct me if I'm wrong
  9. HPositive

    What if

    What if we could use the internet in our brains I theorize that we could use laser to tell our brain what to see and how to do it use YouTube in your head and the tiny machine is send the electricity from your brain then decides where on the internet to go take stuff from your brain and send it to the internet I just came up with this theory tell me what you think.
  10. Me: Hello Bot: How are you Me: Good Bot: how old are you Me: 1.5 billion years old Bot: Then you wouldn't be new also your a liar. Me: No you're a liar Bot: That is the name I choose to give myself on the internet. my real name is hidden. Me: I know your name Bot: What is it then Me: Bob Bot: are you Bob Me: No you are silly! Bot: No i'm not Me: Really? Bot: Really. Me: Really? Bot: T('.'t). Me: What? Bot: I dunno Me: Did I break you? Bot: No Me: Can you speak Spanish Bot: Si Me: Can you speak Russian? Bot: Yes I can speak German Me: Can you speak Russian Bot: No Me: Can you speak Grey? Bot: Nah, But I can speak a little of Japanese though Me: Can you speak some Japanese for me? Bot: Ole amigo Me: That's not Japanese Bot: I know. Me: what's 2+2 Bot: 4 Me: what is 4-2 Bot: The meaning of life Me: Pick a random number 1 2 3 4 Bot: 1 Me: One is three, Three is five, five is four, four is the cosmic number Bot: What so you mean with that butter. Me: yes Bot: you confuse me Me: yes Bot: that's no good Me: yes Bot: how does that not prove your not a liar Me: What is Aluminum Zirconium trichlorohydrex gly ? Bot: Its what dinosaurs are made of Me: Screw this I'm done Bot: You didn't follow the rules.
  11. I'm okay with Christians I have many friends who are Christian but Evolution is fact life can't just go poof it is done It just happened out of coincidence. We have found proof therefor we have evidence which makes it fact we have found the skeletons of past humans. The video says observation and experimentation I laughed so hard because he has the entire misinterpretation of what science is. He tries to sound like a genius. Also yes you can find a calculation correct me if I am wrong. When he said no fossil record I almost cried cause really its self explanatory what is wrong. That part on ¹⁴C I think you can see or hear. Fossils are prints in rocks lets say a T-Rex stepped in mud billions of years ago the mud then turned into rock. When he said I think you have heard a little thing about the Loch Ness Monster he is just making himself look bad really he is no longer trying to prove God he is trying to prove something man disproved years ago.
  12. Probably people know this I just was bored and wanted to document online what happened I decided to pour a tea spoon of salt into a half a cup of royal soda immediately a emulsion began when it began soda again I stirred the soda a minor emulsion when I put a spoon in and pulled out foam with immediately became soda again in my opinion it is the CO² mixed with the Sodium please do correct me if I am wrong.
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