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  1. Guys .. magnetics in Quantum are related to by the Group [3,5,6,7, A-n, 1,1.5,1, ...] of Talent-Identification Indicator Set Vector, i.e. it is very spread in attributes and in collect. But surely, I can point out that in determination mode, plasmoid effect is nearified to sealing, and that in general scientifically mode. quantum delivers it to LAKES, so as to say wells. After classify of Higg's Particle Appoint; nature of substrate and material hasn't got changed a near, although sensed the opposite. Conductivity and super-conductivity as highly stricted to conditions and Laws ... and they are apostrophed-up by wheerling and non-homogeneous polarization. Super-conductivity now has become totally against causivity/causality .... i.e. it changes BANDS OF TECHNOLOGY. ADVANCING HERE IS HUGE.
  2. It is linked to the line only. But the the "integrand" itself may be parametric. Line is the path.
  3. How Photons are particles in QM, and don't have a specific Particle Wave Distribution? Will the 'A 4-vector' or E,B coincide on this wave - that is assumed to be present?!
  4. It is an integral factorial of 7 or 6 or 5 (6!). A description for connectivity of the main Sigma used ...... A description for Interchange ... A description for terminology .... A description for multiplicativity .... network grid ......... Salvation ........ Tree ........... and Division! Compensation Validity dictates that Solution Nature should be used in this study. Just an Introduce: Where is The Main Divisions of Mathematics ........... Just not to support The EVIL SIDE!!!!!!! Administration. Example: Volume Integrals of (1/r) doesn't 'converge' to one solution. Let's begin and follow: Find: SSS gaussian-order-distribution/(R_p) dX_s dY_s dZ_s
  5. And, about type of curves?! DISTINCTIVITY!
  6. Taylor stated that: The curve is subjunctive to a partial of an infinite number of its differentials. So, we must be dealing with limited mathematics. Correct!
  7. Yes, I can confirm that DES is Differential equation system(s). Thanks for the feed. I am just asking this question because large errors and definitions have been arising in the last interval if I can correctly recognize. Any way, the problem of Degeneracies and Axiom is a good example for the real problem that we are living. Thanks for the reply. And, if further additive aspective point is considered, it is more than welcome.
  8. If DES weren't present, what was to be used instead? I think that it was some sort of localizations! An advices. UT_PQED.
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