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  1. the problem is, he is affirming it, he told me this , but I didn't believe, so, I'm asking here, lol
  2. Let's consider that time is an illusion, and since time has such an intimate relationship with space, so space is an illusion as well, so is motion.... I believe the Universe is 'Dimensionless' and it is a closed Universe. Black holes cruch time and space down to nothing, gives evidence that my theory is true, this along with quantum interconnectedness.. The concept of universal wholeness points to a universe where geometry and dimensions are abstract concepts. The map of the territory but not the territory itself...
  3. My friend says that zeno's paradox of arrow could be right, and motion could be like like a camera taking photos in succession? that we just move from one 'NOW' to the next. Is it right? Does zeno paradoxes apply to reality?
  4. After seeing many videos on youtube, I ended up with some questions, many are using theories of quantum mechanics to sustain ideas "new age" "mysticism," etc, IMHO they're all mumbo-jumbo, but they're saying that science support their ideas, is that true? 1. Does Qbism support the idea of 'your mind creating reality'? 2. Do the tests on the Leggett-Garg inequalities debunked macrorealism ? 3. Even the nucleus [of an atom], which we think of as so dense, pops in and out of existence just as readily as the electrons do" ? I appreciate any help that you can provide, thanks!
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