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  1. Yes,much of my opinion is due to to "some people" but those seem to be the ones that makes most of the impression in our world and that seems to be what our society works on or at least listens to. I am not angry that no one does not "just" agree with me. The other side "yours" tries to ignore it as much as possible. A problem cannot be overcome if one is not willing to realize there is a problem. To be continued: Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  2. To forgive can be easy or impossible depending on many things. Whither you can forgive or not should not ruin anyones life. The only way I know to work through it is to ignore it, at least until the immediate strong feelings grow less and time will help that. If possible do not put yourself into any situitation that will comtinue thoughts of it. Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  3. Yes, we are capable of converting raw data to complex information and I believe this to be another sign of advanced technology. At this time it would seem that I am incapable of verbalizing my thoughts so others can understand them and I will drop the subject. As I mentioned above I was not trying to start a debate I only wondered if anyone had considered this view and I find that no one either has or wants to. I did not think this thread in a "General Philosophy" area would be disruptive even on a "Science Forum", at least it was not meant to do so. Both beauty and the opposit is in the eye of the beholder. P.S "I don't know what metric you use to "impress" yourself, and I'm beginning to suspect it's a metric we'll never be able to meet." The best always pleases me. Respectfully, Pat Hagar It would seem people today are still unfocused if the Kardashian's hold that much interest. Only her plastic surgeon knows for sure. I agree. I fully agree that something other than "carbon fuel" is needed but until that time comes we are pretty much stuck with what we have available. As to your second point yes,we have "come a long way" but all you mention is still with us. The progress is good but not good enough. A word to slavery. AT some time in our history every nationality has been in slaved to another race. This goes back before the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians etc. so slavery is nothing limited to only those of a certain color or race. It is an abomination of the human race in general. Much of the so called evil that exists today is very detectable such as I.S.I.S. and according to them it is "divine interpretation". Respectfully, Pat Hagar I did not mean that it decreases, but our humanity has not kept up with the advances in technology. I chose an inappropriate word. I did mean that overall I believe our technology is advancing so rapidly it would seem that we as sentient beings are going backwards. Tools do not make us "less human" but they have become to much of a crutch to lean on. If we have a problem we should develope a tool to solve it rather than go back and eliminate the problem to start with. It is a bit like the comment I read from a British machanical engineer more than twenty five years ago "During the developement of any machine problems are likely to result. The usually way to produce a quick fix is to add more parts. This only circumvents the original problem and does not solve it". Tools are great but they are not the whole answer. Respectfully, Pat Hagar I think I have answered all questions that have arisen from my original post. If not please let me know and I will do my best to answer everyone. Respectfully, Pat Hagar P.S. I still do not know how this software works as I did not mean to make one running comment to all.
  4. Yes, you come very close to what I meant. I do not believe my generation was any better or worse than todays or any other for that matter. Possibly I might have chosen a better word than "devolve" but when I look at the comparison between what our technology has achieved and where we are now as we relate to each other I can't help but notice a great difference. Much of what was mentioned above "We die from war much less than any of our ancestors, and from illness and childbirth and food born disease" etc. Most of these improvements come from advancements of our technology and not because we are any better than our ancestors were thousands of years ago. If we were able to work together more efficiently I believe there are no limits to what we could accomplish. Respectfully, Pat Hagar I do have some other things to do besides post here and I did not realize I would be so greatly missed.Also, I was not trying to start a debate. I was only curious if others had considered the same thing. I believe my above posts should explain what I meant. Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  5. Over the entire history of the human race even though technology has expanded drastically there humanity has fallen by the wayside. I believe we will eventually go the way of the Dinosaur to extinction. I find this most regrettable. With all our potential to change even the evolution of the universe we choose to take the shortsighted option and live only for immediate personal gain. I would be quite interested in hearing others opinions on this matter. Respectfully, Pat Hagar
  6. One older Discovery documentry dealing with Neanderthals did mention them being cannibalistic.
  7. The only part I can speak to is the breathing stoppage. In my case it is caused by sleep apnea as I am over weight and always try to sleep on one side or the other but occasionally I roll onto my back and have a problem with my breathing. So far this is a very rare occurance so I try to ignore it. Pat Hagar
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