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    Well all my life iv'e been interested in learning more about science, daily i'm learning.
  1. "Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Other authors believe it is an auspicious sign, and others that it signals a spirit presence. Although not an originator of the concept, Uri Geller has spoken repeatedly about 11:11, and the belief that it has mystical powers has also been adopted by many believers in New Age philosophies. However, some skeptics say that Geller's examples of 11:11 phenomenon in world events are examples of post-hoc reasoning and confirmation bias." Ok that aside, what do you really think is the 11:11 phenomenon? Why do you always see it when you saw it once before for the first time, then you keep on seeing it more? Some may believe it's just coincidence, some might say hat a spirit related to them is trying to get their attention, or tell them something? What about these numbers: -2:22 -3:33 -4:44 -5:55 -10:10 -12:12 Do they also represent coincidence? or spirit related energy?
  2. Another question relating this. If possibly we have created a device that creates a WormHole and takes us to given time and location, when we are going to travel we are brocken into incy wincy pieces travelling so fast maybe even faster than the speed of light, ok when we ar taken to that location is it possible that our body fragments would go back in its correct order? or maybe randomly?
  3. Great answer mate, exactly what i needed to understand how music works when you a relaxed with it, true as well what you are saying. I got a question though if you listen to For example: Hard Rock/Metal, does that show your violent or something?
  4. I read this yesterday in the newspaper, just to let you guys know if you haven't read about it yet. "Drinking hot tea may cause throat cancer, Iranian researchers said Friday, suggesting people should let steaming drinks cool before consuming them. Previous studies have linked tobacco and alcohol with cancer of the esophagus, and the research published in the British Medical Journal suggests that scalding beverages may also somehow pave the way for such tumors. Drinking very hot tea at a temperature of greater than 158 degrees was associated with an eight-fold increased risk of throat cancer compared to sipping warm or lukewarm tea at less than 149 degrees, the researchers said. Reza Malekzadeh of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and colleagues studied the tea-drinking habits of 300 people with esophageal cancer and another 571 healthy men and women from the same area in Golestan Province in northern Iran. That region has one of the highest rates of throat cancer in the world but smoking rates and alcohol consumption are low, the researchers said. Nearly all the volunteers drank black tea regularly, consuming on average more than a liter each day. People who regularly drank tea less than two minutes after pouring were five times more likely to develop the cancer compared to those who waited four or more minutes, the researchers said. British studies have reported people prefer their tea at an average temperature of 56 degrees to 60 degrees, they noted. It is not clear how hot tea might cause cancer but one idea is that repeated thermal injury to the lining of the throat somehow initiates it, researchers said. Cancers of the esophagus kill more than 500,000 people worldwide each year, with the bulk of the disease occurring in discrete populations in Asia, Africa, and South America. The tumors are especially deadly, with five-year survival rates of 12 to 31 percent. Earlier this week, U.S. and Japanese researchers reported that about a third of East Asians — Chinese, Japanese and Koreans — have an enzyme deficiency that puts them at higher risk of developing esophageal cancer when they drink alcohol."
  5. Oh interesting, thanks for the information(s) Klaynos. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged
  6. Ok thanks for the link mate. Still trying to figure out though who was that guy also trying to create a time machine..hmm Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged
  7. Best moment today, Laughing with my friends
  8. Oh i see, so if someone managed to make this thoery a fact, what he/she can use it for? Can it be used to solve wormhole theories?
  9. Oh ok, but how do you actually work on it? like what do they do trying to make it a fact?
  10. Ok Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedDid anyone manage to succeed in QG theory?
  11. 1. Copper Sulphate. 2. Silver Nitrate. 3. Sulphuric Acid. 4. Potassium Nitrate. 5. Uranium. 6. Hydrogen. 7. Potassium Chloride. 8. Hydrocloric Acid. 9. Sodium Chloride. 10. Lead Nitrate. BOOYAH!
  12. How do you work on "Quantum Theory of Gravity"? Can someone please explain to me
  13. Interesting about that professor, iv'e seen videos (documentary's) about someone also who is trying to develop a time machine, i forgot his name since i watched it a while back. But all i can remember is he is first trying to manipulate something to do with a laser in a wormhole designed machine testing and stuff. Is this something to do with time travel? trying to manipulate speed of light? maybe no-one knows doing something like this might lead to discovery of something like how time machine can let us travel..
  14. I got a question. Is it possible for a black hole to suck it's own self? i know stupid question but just want to know more. Any suggestions?
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