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  1. Gee! This forum is slow!

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    2. ajb


      Can be slow - but not always. Depends if you have anything people want to discuss.

    3. kisai


      Slow but steady wins the race.

    4. Strange


      It took a while, but he got banned eventually.

  2. Michelson be rolling in his grave right now. That's a question for a Miss Universe pageant. All of us know the answer to that silly question (except some Physicists of course). Why do you ask such questions here? Ask them in Trash. Or Speculation, silly!
  3. You're in the wrong forum, though. This forum is slow. Probably explains why it's also fake. You won't learn anything here. My two cents.
  4. Teapots on sale.

    1. Professional Strawman

      Professional Strawman

      LIGO cranks on sale. 99% discount.

  5. Yep, they all can't figure out how an Interferometer works.
  6. You asked a crank question. An Oscar winning crank question. Your question is equivalent to asking why does a solar panel need sun? Or why does a swimming pool need water? See the error in that thinking? If the cranks over at LEGO have their way, they'd replace, LASERS with a couple of Kenyan runners. One runs north, one runs east. When they return one of them will let you know if a gravity wave hit him. Heh! In my opinion, you and your colleagues ought to have a week's pay deducted from your salaries for engaging in such crankery. Honestly, your crank question belongs in trash, if not in speculation. Kind regards, Prof. Strawman
  7. LOL. Them, interferometers! Who knew physicists didn't understand, them. Now I know!
  8. I am not holding my breath. Still, interferometers have been around for a very very long time. And if there are physicists clueless about the workings of this device, it's honestly, laughable. If LEGO were about the size of my car, I wouldn't find that funny.
  9. .Can someone list out relativistic aberration angles at various mirrors in the MME? For eg, at the top mirror, Michelson wrote he observed, an angle, "2q". Given that the splitter is no longer at 45 degrees, what is the Relativity equivalent of this angle at the top mirror? In the link below, page 3, formula (9). Can anyone confirm if this is a correct reflection formula? https://arxiv.org/pdf/1207.0998.pdf
  10. And I started to think, you were one of those physicists who didn't have a clue.
  11. Aberration, the name is smoke and mirrors.

  12. Hi all, I put a link to the Animation in my signature. So Michelson did not observe any aberration, in his apparatus, yes?
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