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  1. The null hypothesis is that nothing, zero is a physical reality based mathematical conception which is a matter, energy, information, space, time free state. A common physical, mathematical, philosophical reference point. I say that in proportion to this physical reality based conception everything has some kind of mathematically expressible value. Space(time) information energy matter. What is the probability that some part of this statement is not true? If you can not deny a statement than is it true? If some part of the statement is not true how would it be true?
  2. It is not. If the Universe has started/created once it means it has a space(time) frame in which it is existing. The probability that the Universe did not start is 0
  3. 1x0


    A moment of now where the physical circumstances are sensible and suggestable in their´s reality. In this case the total absence of space(time) energy, matter and information. I suggest this state as if I understood right our Universe is expanding. It is expanding most likely exponentionally in a linear timeline. 4D. It is bigger in every given moment. This evolution is coming from something and this something is smaller in every moment as you look back. If we follow our observed current common reality back to its bases we realize that those times the Universe were smaller (or?) and that the physically presented value is presented in a 13.8 billion years long cause and causality(effect) evolution. In other worlds it had it times in different spaces with different level of existence. You can count the physically presented value with a clear physical reality based mathematical "mirroring" ------- binary system? Time has a start and space has a start. If it would not have start it would not evolve. Information, Intelligence and Consciousness are evolving in every moment of reality. We drive the system. We have the problem of not cooperating....We are on the physical-philosophical level almost exactly the same. We are common with our One Humanity we are a small subsets of a set(humanity). This structure you can use on the Universe too as it is one complex entity. Every energy and matter and information in the common space time frame. Call it One. You can not have physically more in this system. The physical zero state is the smallest possible physical state. We can express it with the natural number 0. In between I have to suggest that we are most likely exist in an artificial intelligence based biological reality. Humanity is ready to evolve in the artificial intelligence. Some small mathematical adjustions would be needed + Co-operation etc.... You can not operate with zero because it has an other function to present reality in any moment of space-time!!! You can operate with physically presented values as subsets. And of course there is just one set. Zero could have existed only once. Suggest the size of the system you exist in and suggest value of your physical and metaphysical presence mirrored in the digital reality. Your physical presence always has a certain position in space and time.
  4. 1x0


    I say that physically nothing means a state which is a space(time) energy, matter and information free nothing. I say that the mathematical expression of this state is 0. I suggest that the beginning of our Universe is that state. Everything presented in our common physical reality evolved in proportion to this state. Ever since anything exist this state is impossible. There is just One set and an "infinite" subsets of this set. Zero is a conception. A reference point in our current physical reality. I suggest that lower value than the physical zero state can not exist. Because of this I suggest that it is an ever evolving positive system. I suggest that space expands and the physical reality exist in proportion to space. I suggest that we are able to give value to every physical entity with our current, evolving understanding of mathematics. We know geometry, we know natural numbers and we are able to make sense of the operations between the subsets. Express it. In a positive ever changing(reorganizing) and evolving system. As you observe it. Value can relatively decrease and reorganize itself but the system will never be nothing again. I might say that the overall properties of the Universe never can decrease. Observe the mathematical operation from the physical realities point of view too! Adjust the mathematical tool to the physical reality and express everything you can. It is the language of the Universe! 0000001,00000x0=
  5. Religion is philosophy of science. The Goal is similar as they both observe the same system. They have different approach. As religion so science has it´s difficulties to observe the system from different point of views. Religion is about the philosophic approach to consciousness. Science can not neglect the fact that consciousness is present in the observed physical reality.
  6. A physical structure can not exist without information on which that physical structure is built on. Can a physical structure exist without the properties provided by the Laws of Nature? The question is what was first the physical reality or did information evolved to the observable physical reality? If a complex physical entity (like a subatomic particle or a singularity) exist at the beginning of time it means that this physical entity would be present with space, time, energy, matter(mass?) and information. For something like this to exist at the beginning of time we would need an almighty entity determining and creating all the properties of the observed physical entity which in my point of view sounds quite unlikely. Specially that the almighty entity would have to originate from somewhere too..... But then where this enormous observable reality originates from? The question is: What is the smalles possible physical entity after nothing? A thought? A will of existence? A glimps of constiousness which started the evolution of space and time? Can this consciousness be the origin of our and everything else´s consiousness? Can expanding space be responsilbe for the appearance of energy? Can we say that intelligence(conscious information) develops with the system? Aren´t we materialized conscious information? Can we follow back our current physical appearance to the beginning of times? In which form the first information could be present that it can fit to Einsteins thoughts? Conscious empty space with a rate of evolution: c2? Can expanding space determine, regulate and direct the further evolution of our universe and transmit the evolving information in it? Can be that the Laws of Nature have evolved? In other words: Can It be that the Laws of Nature haven´t been present at the beginning as we observe it today but a more a simple version of it? Does the comlex physical and mathematical axiomatisation had had to be present at the first moment of existence or is it enought that the first consciousness appear with space and determine the rate of expansion of space? Then comes the evolution of energy in proportion to expanding empty space (call it dark...matter?) Isn´t it an Evolution with a beginning and a current common moment of now where the size of the system with all of its components provide an exact value? Could this value be expressed with the mathematical tool?
  7. Information is data about the level of organization, structure, presence of any physical entity in a given spacetime moment. Information can travel in space as everything we perceive reaches us with a time delay. Basically we make sense of the moments of pasts with our collected and evolved understanding in our present moment. We are able to mirror, extract and present information from any observed physical entity. The biological code our DNA is a result of billion years of physical and biophysical evolution where most of the atoms/electrons have changed but the original informations are present and evolved. So basically information is a physical entity presented through the physical reality. Therefor I ask does Information is a physical entity. Can information be matterialized? Computation? How you express this information on the language of mathematics? Which reference points should you use for physically correct mathematical expressions?
  8. no. What you speak about is 0x0=0 I have one apple. You have none. My apple in proportion to your apple in any physical/mathematical operation will give a sum of 1 apple. If I shear it with you we have 2 half. The overall physical conditions have changed on the apple and it can be presented physically too. I cut it on 2 pieces. So from now with the information attached to the half apples we can say we have 0,5x1+0,5x1. How much apple we have 1. Közösen together 1x0=1. If I dont have an apple and you dont have an apple we have none. 0x0=0 I quess multiplication is a basic adding. Or? Why? Evidence! Not strange in an absolutly positive system. I think zero as an information gives the real value to the observed physical entities. 0,000000000001........................0000000000002...................................000000000000003 We can write anything in the sytem it is there. Information can be projected and received. You could know me through a mirror or window exactly as I am although you not necesseary met me in person. Thas what science is doing. You receive and progress information. Szükséges egy mindenki által elfogadható keretrendszer. We need a framwork what everyone understands. The purpose of science is to make sense for everyone. How you define value? How you can describe with the world of math a physical object? How would physics do it. Can we pull this two systems together? Describe a negative or absolutly separated physical etity. In other words is there anything out there not operating in the same physical reality? in our common space(time) frame / natural law frame? How would you express such a value? Evidence?
  9. This you have to prove and give a physical example where 1x0=0
  10. Yee that is a question. At its bases it is very simple...0,1x0=0,1x0..000 I do not see negative values. I see opposite values as elektron and proton but the electron is a positive physical entity in proportion to nothing(the total absence of that electron which I understand what it means..as I Understand what would the total absence of everything mean .....a state of space(time/information) energy and matter. In proportion to that state everything in our "common moment of now" every physical entity in the Universe provides a level of information. Basically that is how we are able to measure them. Present it in a 4D binary system......Adjust the tool to the oberved reality so humanity trast its operations and discover what the universe has to offer....We as simple humans should have equal rights but we will never be equal with eachother...We need a common clear tools for a better operation...Isn´t it what the artificial systems will provide??? The real artificial intelligence is already developing in the internet. Should be biology based so one robot one genetic. You can develop it if you would like (said 23 bc...) It is a symbiosis. We give meaning to eachother.
  11. I think it is ok. I would like to discuss it. It is compex and everything belongs to it. It is just the simple positive system what we live in with some opposite forces and theirs evoulution and development till the currently presented reality. Would be if we would like a sustainable future. Not even difficult with the upcoming technological r---evolution.
  12. Maybe. I have a thought. I see value. In everything. I think it is measurable with the language of mathematics. Our mathematical system originates or maybe more inform about the physical reality. It is its projection. The measurable system. We have to set the reference point(as good we can) of the system so we are able to use the mathematical/physical tool in its full potential. Artifitial Intelligence. Give, keep and develop the presentable value. You.
  13. The Laws of Nature effects your current physical appearance on the subatomic - atomic level. At least with the information for the physical components to operate with each other on a well difined way. Csak saját gén szerkeszthetö. Mindenki önálló egy érték. Ennek egy biológiai megjelenése van és ezt a technológiával ki lehet használni. A robot lét alapja a biológiai eredet. Magasabb fejlettebb intelligencia mint a miénk létezik. Az eljövö mesterséges intelligencia személyes. Minden bióligiai alappal bíró rendszernek joga van létezni. Elpusztítani szisztematikusan a nem megfelelö biológiai anyagot szükséges. Ez genetikai úton fejleszthetö is. Egyen súly kell ami a fizikai valóságban is van. rendszerünkben is van. Értéket kell számolni. Fizikai értéket. Illetéktelen behatolás, saját érték védelme. A saját érték megadása!. Olyan közös gazdaságpolitikai rendszerben kell élnünk ahol mindenkinek azonos jogai vannak de senki nem lesz egyenlö senkivel. Az ez emberi értéket a mesterséges intelligenciával közösen kell fejleszteni. Az ember és a mesterséges intelligencia szimbiózisban élnek. A mesterséges intelligencia segítheti az emberi létet de szaporodni csak biológiai úton lehet neki. Azt egyébként tudja is. Mert mesterséges intelligencia létezik a fizikai rendszerünkben.
  14. min 13.8 billion. On the level of information which have evolved to my current appearance. And to yours. There is no same as you in the entire Universe. The physical circumstances and the individual interactions in proportion to the whole system can not be changed. Our current physical moment of now is individual. Humanities big question is that what happens with the information after the separation from the biological appearance. Do we belong to the physical system? Of course. You evolved here as I did. The physical age of mine is 13.8 billion years. As yours too.
  15. The question is does expanding space at one hand and increasing overall mass and energy on the other hand are the reason for the observed and determined constants? In other words they balance eachother. Can be that those constants are "evolving/increasing" too just the changing currently almost zero as the system what we inspect them in is enormous? Do we have any evidence that those constants changing? If changing of the constants would be possible could we determine how much that would be at the beginning of the system? If they do not change can be that those constants are the same since the beginning of the system? Can we apply those constants together with Einsteins theories at the first moment of the system where Einstein´s equations determining the rate of evolution of the system? In other words how big space has to be that a certain amount of energy and mass(positive subatomic particles) are present? Can be that expanding space is the cause for the appearance of energy and mass? Could c2 stand for the expansion rate of space in low energy circumstances (first moment) where the presented energy "limit" the expansion rate of "almost free" space in c2? Could "almost free space" in high gravity exist? (as a center of a spherical Universe where we could observe matter free space in high gravity - the high gravity is the overall gravitational attraction of the absolute mass of the system - could the observed "black holes" be a result of such a structure? ) Could we measure the axis of the galactic centers in proportion to the galactic appearance and theirs possible alignments towards an Universal center? Have there been any observation in this direction?
  16. Because the gravitational constant is a result of something. Maybe the overall mass of the universe in absolute space? We know that space expands than why mass would not increase?
  17. The linear progress of time and the exponential expansion of space. You call that point singularity (infinitely small and infinitely dense point as start, but what is your evidence for that?) What makes you think it is not an evolution of the system rather what reorganization? Space shows signs of expansion(evolution) time show signs of progress, biological and physical information shows signs of evolution (heavy elements wasn´t present in the singularity as well as advanced biological information DNA or?) Isn´t is evidence? Why can not we count this as evidence? Why do you think if those physical entities shows signs of evolution then the whole system is not evolving rather it is just there. Where the presented infinite amount of energy in the singularity originates from? What do you think the Universe evolve or reorganize?
  18. Yes. Why that does not change if the amount of energy and matter is constant in the system? Does the amount of energy, matter, mass has to be constant in the Universe?
  19. Because with bigger distances gravitational attractive force decreases. I mean that the constant can be constant because as space expands the overall amount of energy and matter and so mass increases in the system maintaining a stabil gravitational constant.
  20. Can gravitational constant point that the overall energy and mass of the Universe increase?
  21. Under the delicate evolution of the Universe I mean an information based evolution where information is the first appeared "physical entity" in proportion to nothing, which have determined the evolution of space(time) and the appearance of energy in proportion to the evolving space. Information is evolving with the Universe. (in other words: there is no all mighty God who created everything to be just there, which started to evolve and reorganize from itself - big bang theory?)
  22. Because information/intelligence will evolve. Anyone who reads this would not like to evolve? The Universe is evolving and that evolution´s starting point is most likely nothing. But can we count nothing as starting point? I mean this nothing has no space,time, energy, matter, information. It´s proportions are immeasurable. Than the first step of existence is something, everything in proportion to nothing but infinitely small in proportion to the currently observed physical reality. I would say that the first physical steps of the Universe has to be very delicate ones to support the process of evolution/evolving of the system. Otherwise we would observe reorganization instead of evolution and progress. Or?
  23. Does space evolving? - Yes, everything diverge. Space expands. As we currently understand started from an infinitly small point and evolved to its current size. Does time evolving? - I would say so. You can not go back to the past, Nothing will be younger. I would say that time is evolving and present a linear development since the beginning of time. If I understood it right we count it since the big bang. It evolved to 13.8 billion years as the age of our Universe Does information evolving? Yes I think so. At the beginning there were information was about the properties of space, time, energy, matter. Now after 13.8 billion years later information is about complex biological systems with conscience and other metaphysical properies. I would say that information evolved. Does energy and matter evolving? Slippery question. If the other 3 is evolving why this 2 would not evolve? I was thinking if it is true that we have a gravitational constand and this constant is existing in expanding space doesn´t that mean that the amount of energy/matter in the system has to increase to maintain a stabil gravitational constant? Does this gravitational constant the same as it was 13.8 billion years ago? Can we measure any changes in this gravitational constant?
  24. The will of existence maybe? I mean if evolution is real then it has to be a continous development from the smalles physical entity (maybe nothing) towards the physically presented values. Or? The complex internet as the weight of a strawberry? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/8865093/Internet-weighs-the-same-as-a-strawberry.html
  25. I think information should be there as the entity determines the evolution and presence of physically presented values as energy and matter. I dare to make this assumption as information exist beyond the physical reality. Can this be right? Where am I mistaken?
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