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  1. So, let's use space travel as a setting. At a certain speed you will be unable to know how fast you are going with out something to measure relativity with. Does this mean that you would have to compare your speed to how quickly stars are changing positions from distance to your craft? If not, what exactly is it that you'd measure your relativity to.
  2. Hey, I'm completely new to the concept of relativity and I'm want to teach myself it as it is necessary to advance further into what I want to learn in the near future. I know the basic idea of what it is but I'd appreciate if someone could give me a more thorough top to bottom of what [ the theory of ] relativity is. Examples of it would be very much appreciated, and even better would be if you could suggest ways that I can practice it. Feel free to use advanced vocabulary in your descriptions as I'll need to learn them anyways and will most likely be googling them and taking notes about them so fear not for my young mind. Thanks! -Devin of Byzantium
  3. A question from a rookie: If from the perspective of the vehicle occupant speed does not increase nor decrease, then how would one be aware of any changes in speed? Does this mean that speed can be infinitely increased and the occupant would be unable to track how fast they are going?
  4. I am very comfortable with math and am very interested in learning more. I am currently self teaching myself physics - though I have only just recently broken the ground on this. I have two teachers that are helping me with material I have questions on. Thanks for the advice! I am fairly good at linear algebra and would consider myself competent. I have little knowledge on calculus as far as I know, and no knowledge of probability distributions. As such, I'll look into it as soon as I finish learning physics and other basics that I need. Luckily if I have any trouble there are some people that I can go to for help - and to this forum too. Thanks for the book suggestions! At the moment I am reading 3 Physics books to ensure that I have a good base idea and can get used to the vocabulary. Following this I'll probably look into chemistry or get into calculus first to further expand my vocabulary. And yea, QP in high school Physicist have always interested me and it's a little fantasy of mine to imagine myself a scientist working for someone like SERN in the future Anyways, I don't think they teach this in high school but I want to tap into it on my own free time.
  5. Hey, My interest in Quantum Theory and what it is has recently peeked and I am looking into self teaching myself about it. Of course in order to know about what I am learning I have to know the basics of physics and all that go alongside it. Thing is, I don't know where to start. I am a sophomore in high school so I have yet to actually tap into what I want to learn and as such I ask that you, the people of the forum, supply me with some content to look into which will help me build the basis for learning about Quantum mechanics. Thanks!
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