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  1. I think Keepvid is pay only. i can't find a free version. it is like $39.99 ?? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged also once you that KickUtube thing, how do you download. I used the button at the end but it only downloaded sound.
  2. ^^I am not sure how i can record videos from Real player. I have one and i use it. It won't let me record or download files. and also is there a way to download in HD form ??
  3. Does this mean IN 2012, we could be hit by one of these big ones ? Even though, NASA, explicitely said in 2007 that there is No rock of any significant size heading our way ???
  4. Please Help. I am trying to download some files from U-tube. It is a HD video file. I was told it is possible but was never told how. thanks. this is one of the files. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ21WmKuTyQ&feature=related
  5. Does anyone know what Stanford university is doing with 60 million dollar grant they got from the goverment. Obama gave 60 million dollars to Stanford to come up with alternative energy source for the future. I wonder if they came up with anything so far.
  6. Actually, we are much closer to curing Cancer than we were 20 years ago. Cancer is caused at the DNA level and gene sequencing gone wrong and so on. So to find a cure, it is not as simple as finding a drug that works for all cancer types. That is pretty much impossible. Gene therapy one day will cure cancer by turning off the gene that is out of control and telling the cells to stop dividing endlessly. There are some advances in Targeted drug therapy. As in you piggyback the chemotherapy onto a antibody and let it attach to ONLY the cancer cells and leave the healthy ones alone. That is promising. and that will limit the toxicity significantly. but only real cure will come from genetic research where one day they will be able to manipulate the gene so that they can literally repair the DNA or the Gene that has gone haywire.
  7. Yes, actually Nostradamus predicted the Banks failing around this time. That is really scary. According Nostradamus, it will get even worse than now, so it is not looking good at the moment.
  8. It is entirely possible that our sun could lash out a Giant Sun Flare like we never seen before. All solar scientists agree that our sun is increasing its activity. To what end, noone knows. Our solar science is still very primitive at best. If this giant solar flare hits earth directly, we are toast,,literally. but then chance of that happening is slim to none.
  9. to the OP: All of the above 3 theories that you have proposed have no Base whatsoever. Dont' get me wrong. I am worried about 2012 as anyone is. but your theory on Planet X is False. Just simply, there is no planet X. that is the problem. Also this gravitational belt you talk of, is this Fact or speculation ? does this belt really exist ?? if so has NASA have any proof ? Thirdly, this Hedron collider thus far seem to have NO deleterious effects. These Micro black holes that may form dissipate very quickly. Lastly, yes i do worry about our future. I know that people laugh at Nostrodamus predictions but many of his predictions seem just so much more than a Coincidence. Just as this Economic disaster we face today was predicted by him.
  10. ^^^According to Harvard medical school, you will be living til you are 120 years old and that will be a common place.
  11. ^^^NO. this is real drug. No anti-oxidant. Harvard medical school is doing the study right now. It has direct effects on the DNA itself. Repairing DNA sequences. Mice lived 30 % longer. that is about 20-30 years longer while being healthier and acting younger in human terms. It is nothing short of amazing.
  12. No, it is definitely same thing. go to Revgenetics company and they are already selling it. Difference is this. It is not as Pure as what they are testing at Harvard medical school. but it is pretty darn close. 98-99% pure. They are able to do this cause the compound is extracted from RED wine, which is commonly available. and the chemical compound from it is common knowledge. http://www.imminst.org/forum/index.php?showforum=312
  13. I know tons of people buying this from Vitamin companies already. and they claim that they feel GREAT. Whatever that means. but they are already reporting some side effects though nothing real serious such as Joint Pain, some stomach upset, some drug interactions and so on.
  14. Phase 3 studies being conducted by Harvard Medical school on this medication. We all know it increased the life span of Mice by 30 %. Due to the fact that this can be obtained by food supplement such as Red wine, there are many Vitamin suppliers that distribute this medication already. Drinking Red wine is Not advisable due to the fact that you have to drink massive amounts. Many Vitamin companies have doses up to 300-2000mg pills. FDA is not regulating this at the moment. There are some reports of side effects such as Joint pain, dry skin etc. I am in healthcare myself and am a believer. Preliminary reports from Harvard medical school looks really good so far. but i am worried about possible side effects. Anytime you start taking medication where Studies are not complete, you run the risk of possible irreversable side effects. Has anyone have unwanted side effects from this supplements ?
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