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  1. Since blocked will post here we are heading for bigger quakes working up in WA. check out patterns. after the 6 mag that hit today Virgin Islands is getting hit and than WA multiple times. These are becoming more frequent.
  2. People do it all the time to make money!!! And sorry but I know you could figure out which one talking about so cut the act. You either are following or just a googler trying to act smart, but why would you keep missing the point? That is beyond me. I was talking about it in the means that it was forced and being forced merges in nature occurs, but it can not be transferred to the off spring. But I'm thinking that this could start something down the line with a species a forced co/existence.
  3. Why are you sending me information about ivy? I guess some education back ground on my part will be helpful, I'm familiar with Botany and plant I.D. Latin and such. OH!!!! Mistaken graphing kind of is a forcing against nature.
  4. Thanks for the link. So there is a lot of support leaning to leaps of evolution they're calling it saltational evolution. I'm really having problems with sharing here and so it really hinders me getting answers. Now With Symbiogenesis Chromotophores contained genes that were accountable for photosynthesis but were lacking in performing other functions meaning it was very dependent. When we graph like ivy to tree's, we're forcing a merging of dependence, but this forcing would never seed into a permanent characteristic that would be passed along. So maybe what is happening is about being independent, and if something is weak but able to fill a demand in a co/dependence then a merging to conform to a lifestyle habit emerges? Maybe having a weakness can be something's biggest strength, like a journey that could never be finished without a helping hand from something other, but combined team work and wonders come out of it.
  5. Well I was thinking it has to do with merging of life forms that is how we become what and how we are with fingers and toes. Also I think genetics is interesting because say for real life examples the old man has cancer of the lungs and has one removed, and it grows back a healthy young lung. This is very unusual to be found happen but it did happen, and so the regenerative is like stem cells, but the kicker is that area is hereditary with genetic cellr growth disorder. So within a species than we could possibly find regenerative abilities in some, while finding others have no ability in those locations of the body. Could these viruses we have to merge with or die from that we do all the time even from plagues, be what shape and help us to evolve, and help us make and other animals make those strange leaps in physical characteristic while staying as a same species and other, I think. Like those surviving Ebola would be people now but maybe perhaps consider to some on a micro biological stances Adam and Eve. You can not cause cancer by what we conceive as hazardous chemicals, cancer is genetic disposition that can be stimulated by many things including the sun. Radiation can cause 75% of cell growth and DNA fluxes. This is an environmental issue, merging and evolution are the same. So if I have a lung lost I wouldn't mind that mans lung for a donation. I also think it had a good bio engineering purpose to keep in mind in keeping in mind a clients history. This should be studied more think, your thoughts? Ok I understand the idea is to change hereditary disposition by avoidance. It seems they believe by doing this it can alter the genetics into not passing along or succumbing so much to stimuli and to all ways avoid such, but are we sure its really that connected to cause and effect? Sorry went off path here I was thinking about Dandelion's, and how they made a leap in evolution from growing so tall and blooming to mowing and growing short and blooming the next time around. Reading and refreshing on things on evolution of plants any suggestive readings? I was wondering if the fungi is the connection between branching from plant to animal kingdom? Its strange that drought hardy plants such as weeds, have seedlings that are able to sustain and grow in water. That a plant seedling that is inside lush plump cantaloupe sustained in water decays. Stoleniferious wonder why also usually bulberious, but you have very similar characteristic to say a grass than with a bush in respect the stems characters are just differing.
  6. So your saying that it isn't possible for something to just step from being one species to another with out very long process of evolution? So if someone were to say have another body part not like human but with other characteristics they would of had been part of a species with these attributes in the first place? Kind of like the whales found with an extra thumb? They would of have been a evolving species for a long time with these characteristics? I wonder what the possibility would be of humans all a sudden going into hibernation like the frog evolutionary process??? I got the idea from reading an article about a whole city coming down with a strange sleep disorder.
  7. The main reason I am here and its very important to me is to get this answer and explain the existence of self. You obviously do not have answers here I need. So as smart asses you still do not have the answers. It is pointless to try and talk with someone who is clueless.
  8. Well the future is said to be evolving with major shifts around the globe. There will be what is called a mega drought largely in areas where there was rain and a lot of wet seasons will become dry, and areas that were more wet like the Rain Forest will become dry. This spell will last between said 35 yrs up until 2050 is the geologist predictions. So there will be a shift in life with animals and plants dying off and others coming about. Ice ages happen, and than heating up, back and fourth with flooding and drought, these things cause change and life either keeps up or falls behind, but it always evolving. When things heat up you will find thousands of new species merging and coming forth. I would like to get answers on how a animal of a species can just pop up suddenly with other similar species physical attributes. For example if a person was to suddenly pop up with working fins, or gills, or tentacles, how would that be possible. I know it has to do with merging and viruses and bacteria help shape things as they are, but how such a fast leap from one generation to the next, where the parent could be normal and suddenly the off spring shows differences.
  9. I put food in these containers to see how strong a bird is on carrying a large object, and the crow was able to lift the whole plastic container and fly away with it around that size. Why would a bird carry a rock off with out food involved don't know. Maybe someone had removed it from a location thought if nothing and tossed it aside nearby where you could find it. Would like to know if its from the location, maybe search around for more of it?
  10. Some people try and blame it on solar flares from the sun. I was just reading up on the Africa Greenbelt and possible asteroid collision on earth before the dinosaurs and bigger than what took out the dinosaurs. They were talking about than it was all one continent, and how it got how it was because of what hit in Africa, causing major earthquakes and lava flow over the planet. We have what is called the ring of fire with constant activity, and we get constant large earthquakes year round. Energy is constantly moving and needing to be released, so earthquakes are good for the planet. If there is any correlation to earthquakes and the seasons, it could be just coincidence, like the large earthquakes that hit in Mexico and Indonesia soon following large flooding's, not necessarily some kind of influence over. I remember watching out for earthquakes for a tail of activity to volcano eruptions in area. A large eruption happened in Japan with out much seismic activity, so that is doomed to failure as something to go by.
  11. Electron Microprobe would be nice, looking into volcanic rocks, they can travel pretty far. Had some from Mount Rainier go into other states. Live science has a post on Mega Volcanoes May Have killed half of earths species: Talks about New Jersey. Good reading and talks about what kinds of rocks in the location. Oh forgot it was also talking about before the dinosaurs. So that could predate the rock if it is connected to an eruption, or if it had to do with some kind of other scenario. Popsci huge volcano eruptions may have caused mass die off before dino's, but on this article it does not know what could of set it off. I read another article about the green belt of Africa and a large rock hitting the planet that even out shines the one that took the dinosaurs. It would of caused the eruptions from volcano's, tsunami's and other catastrophic displacements of the land and life on it.
  12. Places that are fertile for plant life you mean? Ash is thought to make soil more fertile, maybe areas with volcanic activity.
  13. Sorry having trouble sharing link. Total Ozone mapping spectrometer (TOMS) aboard the Nimbus 7-satellite. Maybe? I know there was study with Hiroshima victims so maybe search for that?
  14. The CDC states last week that Aids is similar to Ebola. The European spread of plagues didn't just nearly wipe them out, it nearly wiped out the natives of Mexico, a unknown mutation. Immigration should be considered a high risk because of a lack of immunization and the spread of known viruses, and restriction done for hot areas imp. Like for example there is lack of media on China's STARS outbreaks, the government lies and the media is fearful of other outbreaks being covered up because of the panic and tourism. There is evidence some claim of Ebola going air born, but not enough evidence for me. Aid's is the opposite of Ebola really its an attack on the immune system, where as the Ebola causes the immune system to attack its host. Why they bother treating it like the common cold is a wonder even why they treat the common cold as something you should build up your immune system to fight, when most viruses are over come by incorporating the virus in the system without letting the immune system kill the host, immunization is such a procedure right, little amounts of the virus?
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