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  1. Thanks DH , what about the new rules of multiplication isn't it a good way to drop out complex numbers ? and what if we add the rule 0^-1=1 ?
  2. Hi friends I am trying to construct a new number set which dosn't have the problem of division by zero and the square root of negative value so here is the basic All arithmitic rules and notions are the same as those of Reals set except the following statements 0^2=1 if a and b are positive reals and a*b=c then a * -b = c "if a>b" a * -b = -c "if a<=b" -a * -b = -c if a=b^n then Root(a) =b "without absolute value" The rest is the same as the traditional R set so as a result we have this solultions for old problems : SquareRoot(-1)=-1 " since -1 *
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    True , I am still working on it in order to minimise the number of functions such as ceil and abs which use semantic definition .
  4. dirbax


    Yes but I still should mention them since I am making the basis of DIMD, an other point is trying to avoid semantic presentation of functions such as this and go for smooth calculations
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    I am trying to create a new math branch DIMD
  6. dirbax


    Hi , I am working on some math stuff and I need to check some points , so are theses formulas correct ? ISZ(x) : is it 0 ? isz (x) = cos ( pi * ( (2*ceil( abs(x) ) + 1)) / 2 ) / cos(1) Ins : Real number x Out : 1 if x=0 , 0 if x <> 0 --------------------------------------------------------------- SGN(x) : Sign sgn(x) = abs(x) / ( x + isz(x) ) Ins : Real number x Out : 1 if x>0 , 0 if x = 0 , -1 if x < 0 more here Dirbax thanks
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