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  1. Can someone explain to me why according to physics we can never really touch anything? I'm talking about "touch" as in the sense.
  2. Titan's crust is completely ice frozen to the point where it becomes similar to land. Underneath this is potentially a liquid ocean, and underneath that is an ice mantle. If the temperature raised to allow for liquid water on the surface, either floating platforms would have to be established, or potentially the establishment of artificial continents. The latter would be very difficult as you don't get to silicon or any other similar substance till you get to the core (which itself is silicon oxide). Personally, terraforming any planet or moon is dangerous given that we don't seem to fully
  3. That's an incredibly open ended question that most likely warrants an explanation of several pages long. With that being said, the general consensus of our government's operations is very poor. Party politics has seen it's better days and our presidential approval rating is lower than ever. Personally, it's hard to judge if the government is always at fault or if we are members of a hyper-sensitive society who feel if something doesn't go our way we must be heard as if we don't already get listened to. I find the following issues more important than the attention their receiving from our gover
  4. I agree. As someone who ONLY believes in science I find believing in "evil" is the equivalent to believing in "god". To entertain these ideas of evil is to be illogical. If we aren't capable of seeing a "god" as a physical representation here on earth why would he allow us to see a physical representation of evil. Additionally, what are the odds that his evil creations coincide with ideas from classic literature (vampires, ghosts, devils). Make no mistake about it, you entertain one, you are entertaining the other. There is no "evil" without a "god".
  5. Inflation is in the early stages and is NOT known to be the same thing as dark energy and the inflation theory is not a proven fact, although it explains more scientific concept than any other theory so far. With that being said they are known to be intimately related. I think of inflation as the idea and dark energy as the tool.
  6. Out of curiosity whats your personal opinion of the show "Cosmos" ?(2014) I've heard a wide range of opinions on it from a wide range of individuals. I've had science professors tell me it was a fantastic way to get people into science to an astrophysicist complaining that it romanticizes science and most likely won't get people into the field who weren't already interested in such a heavy subjects(cosmology, physics, astronomy). Personally I find it very uninformative most likely because it's tailored towards the general population. However I did enjoy the animated historical parts depicting
  7. This double universe is as speculative as any I have seen. Personally, I do not believe in it. Then again I have very little evidence of string theory and I believe in that.
  8. I'm a logical person. I see huge flaws in every religious belief both logically and idealistically. I believe in the big bang as well as the possibility of string theory as well as other explain all theories. However I can't seem to get over the hump in terms of ruling out religion as a possibility for existence. I'm attempting to completely remove the part of my brain that says there perhaps is a god, and he allows these natural forces to do this work for him. Can anyone give me any tips or suggestions on how to move on from god? I never was overly religious ( church only a couple times a yea
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