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  1. Go ahead. Ridicule. Seems that is the most common answer. No I did not. I was looking for a science forum. Sorry, I don't know what this is. You can take me out.
  2. Captainzen


    Hello I have read a few topics on gravitational theories. I must state my disagreement on the space warp theory to explain attraction, but I would like to pose a different question. I agree fully on the theory of mass density being the measure of gravitational force. That said, gravity itself is still a mystery. I am talking about the wave that interacts with mass. Like magnetism for instance. We know what a magnetic wave is and how to create it. What efforts are being made to discover the gravitational wave?
  3. Swansont you keep asking for evidence or mathematics to prove whatever is discussed. Is this not a discussion forum? Where ideas are hashed in many cases just based on logic? And where we can argue theories based solely on one's perception? Instead of cutting someone short and frustrating him/her off the forum, how about being a little more involving.
  4. It is so obvious that this forum is frequented by students and wannabies. After this post I'm out. Lol.
  5. Ok smartass. Let's concentrate on the spelling mistakes instead of what maters here. Jerk!
  6. Senses? what senses? Who is talking about touching smelling or feeling? I am talking about discovering what it is so we can manipulate it. What kind of forum is this where I only see amature responses? Is this a student based forum?
  7. The fact that we do not know, does not mean it is not science. Science is the search of knowledge and how things work. Everything is matter. Everything is something. The search to understand it is not philosophy.
  8. I do not doubt that we understand gravity, that is what I meant by "we know what causes gravity", but we still do not know what it is. We still have to discover those termed "gravitons" so that we can learn how to manipulate them. Why are we not dedicationg more research into it? We spent billions going after the God partical recearching the beginning of our universe. Have we transfered that knowledge to our every day lives? What benefits have we received from it? If we discovered how to manupulate gravity, we would have reaped a lot more benefits from it, no?
  9. Where does that come from? Is this a fact? How would you manage that ? Lets say we built a teeter totter where one end contained a 2 ton weight. On the other end a 1 ton weight with ratchet system that would actuate a 4 kw generator. Now tell me know we can hide That 2 ton weight from earth's gravity just until the other end goes down. Are you getting my drift? Perhaps now we can start to talk about manipulating gravity is this form (knowing that we do not really understand it fully yet).
  10. So what you are saying is that we know how to reproduce gravity without relying on spinning (artificial gravity), or using rocket or air. ???? What he was asked is basically what I am asking. To me he misunderstood the question. I believe he is trying to explain physically what it is, where he was asked what it is. Am I making any sense? Let me put it to you this way. Is there any technology that can hide anything from gravity? Or oppose it? (here on Earth)!!
  11. This interview just tells me he knows nothing of the question he was asked and is simply beating around the bush. Ok so let me reapeat this once again. We know how to reproduce magnetism, ie: electric motors. So we know what magnesim is and how to reproduce it. We know what causes Gravity but we do not know how to reproduce it the same way. Do you understand the question? That being, we do not know what kind of wave it is.
  12. This thread just proves a point I made in my first post here under Quantum Physics. That TIME is nothing more than Man's invention of a measure just like distance. And time dilation (like that of GPS) is a misconception and an error in the math.
  13. Hello everyone I would like to see what is known about this subject by this community. This is something that has made me loose a lot of sleep. We all know what causes gravity. From what I understand, mass is the underlying component here. The higher, or more concentrated the mass is, the stronger the gravity. So, we definitely know what magnetism is, and as a result we have been able to reproduce it, essentially benefiting us directly. But we do not know yet what gravity is, because we have not been able to reproduce it like we have with magnetism. Correct? Please leave out artificial gravity like that of the space station by rotating something. As far as I understand, we yet do no know what the force is, physically. I welcome any insight into this subject. Zen
  14. Well it has been interesting to say the least. Obviously I had no idea what to expect when I decided to stir up this forum. Being a mechanical engineer, I depend totally on logic to solve problems so I wanted to get some views on current thinking of the theories that confuse me. I am intent on all that goes on with the scientific discoveries as they are brought to the public knowledge base, like the idea of the black matter, space warp, possibility of another universe on the other side of of a black hole, and the continuous expansion of our universe. I have dug into some of Albert Einstein's available material as well as Isac Newton to try to comprehend some things. I purposely attacked what I believe to be the most significant theories to see what you guys would through back at me. I expected pros and cons, but I mostly got a closed defense of what is known. I expected more. I want to thank especially Janus for his contribution and all others to have put up with me. This concludes my short adventure here. Thank you all Zen
  15. Except it isn't just the math, real life experiment has verified this conclusion.( in fact the GPS system had to be designed with it in mind in order to work properly.) In your example, you would actually return having aged a little under 2 min less than everyone on Earth. Nobody argues that this happens just because it is what the math says, they argue that the math is correct because it matches what we actually measure in the world around us. In your example, you would actually return having aged a little under 2 min less than everyone on Earth. This is the best response I have received so far. Alright, can you please elaborate on this? I need it to be logical. You see I am a problem solver, majored in mechanical engineering, and I depend on logic to make things work. Touchy are we? So I can be insulted, but can not criticize back?
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