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  1. In the reality tunnel of people who wrote the Bible there was a god. As we want to explain their stories from scientific point we must also count it. In that text it is said: “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” This means that person who wrote the story transfers the image of god via image of rainbow. What are the features of rainbow? It is strictly connected to water, as it appears as an effect of light separation in water bubbles. It has arc shape. Both characteristics must/may be metaphoric transfer of the characteristics
  2. Ok. Your nick name. It does not change anything. Cuth in Cuthber surname still means “famous” and it appeared long before Beatles. And as we are on scientific forum, let’s talk with facts, but not with sarcasms that your feeling of self-importance is trying to push on. Below you can see spectral characteristics of all mentioned words. It clearly shows that graphics are very similar, so from phonetic point of view words are very close to each other. If we combine all graphs we will see that common shape is visible same with shapes of every single word. In other hand, if we will take diff
  3. In case you cannot see yourself how it's possible for the moon to look "U" shaped - simple geometry - more complex concepts will make you see it as stuffed up. At the same time did you ever think about the origin of your own surname? First element of it derived from the Old English cuþ "famous". What is more famous in the world then god? Compare "cuth" with "god". They are phonetically similar. Also got is good, god is cute, god is kid, god is hit, god is court, god is goat, god is cot, god is guide, god is cat, god is head, god is get, god is cuth. In Ukrainian "kut" coincidently means a
  4. I told you, it is not possible to talk about the religion without good knowledge of initial material. It is clearly said in Bible: “The child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh's daughter and he became her son. And she named him Moses, and said, "Because I drew him out of the water." So Moses means “drawn from the water”. And yes, he was a son in that story, as well in the story about another son – Jesus, which is Messiah with meaning “the anointed”. The logic connection between the moon and water is simple. The crescent moon was always thought to be a cup due to its shape. The cup is the
  5. Moses means “watered” to be accurate. And he did not wear any hat ) I can see that you don’t know the material that you try to criticize. Moses is pictured with horns by Michelangelo based on reading of Biblical story about Moses image after he has talked to the god. The word used there was qaran, that means “horned”, but more full translation is horn, angle, beam. A hat was an object of Aaron – Moses brother, who was first priest. And crescent part of this wearing is also described in the Bible (Exodus 28:22) Another Moses’s assistant Joshua also has same crescent hat stuff.
  6. It is given in linked paper. Please:
  7. Understanding the source of correlations better than others really is a skill common to scientists. The above theory is a side result of another study concerning effective text compression algorithm. Statistical analysis pointed out that human language contains the group of special phonetic and semantic features represented significantly often then all others. After analyzing the obtained characteristics, the hypothesis that most possible object that fully fits into semantic core is the moon. After I have published my initial work “Lingvogeometry or the history of revolution of one meme”, one
  8. The natural way of transformation of this combination can be traced on the example of Ukrainian tridents symbol history. From the combination of cross and crescent to the trident itself as a modern coat of arms. By the way, later when Moses described a costume for archpriest the main detail was special sign on his head, made in form of crescent and needed for priest to always reminding the god by looking at this. This illustration is from 1550 year Bible Again, point your attention to linguistic correlation: Moses (horned guy), Masekha (horn), Moscon (bull in Greek) and Mesyac
  9. No, I don’t rely on numerology, which is fake imho. Pure geometry is enough to see described correlations Regarding your selection of symbols. I did not claim that ALL symbols have same lunar roots, but MOST OF THEM. I will try to explain my way of thinking on this issue: Menorah – the symbol of Judaism – known lunar religion. In spite of many explanations devised for common believers there are straight evidences of lunar origin of this symbol. First the name Menorah (מְנוֹרָה) which comes from root נ־ו־ר נ־ר(n-w-r / n-r) with meaning fire, light, lamp. All three meanings point to an ob
  10. Dear colleagues, Please review my papers with new hypothesis about the creation and development of religion. With means of linguistics, semiotics and archeology, I have found that all religious concepts have same visual representation. Most of cults use selected list of visual allegories such as horns, boat, cup, C-shape, V-shape. An explanation of this correlation is that the origin of human religions comes from misunderstanding the Earth satellite as a creature – the god. Not having any evidence about real sense of the Moon, early humans created many theories based on visual characterist
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