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  1. I have my own theory: Light is a wave, this wave expand at the front and fade away at the back. It’s the same principal as if you take let say 2 blocks. You place a block at the front and take away a block at the end. If you repeat this over and over again it looks like the 2 blocks move forward. When a light wave is created it has no speed at all not even if it’s created by a moving object. The rate of the expansion at the front and fading away at the back is what we see as the speed of light.
  2. General Relativity? Ohw, I’m not going to argue with Einstein’s theory expect for one thing. Its not complete, it does give us many wonderful things but does not explain everything its missing something still. “The red-shift distance relationship” as I understand it has to do with light, not gravity Everything radiates something so CMB can have lots of causes. 1 atom not so much, a lot of atoms like the sun… very much, Black hole …… For all I know the CMB can be a distant second universe “And the proportions of hydrogen and helium in the universe?” don’t see what that has to do with my theory.
  3. CMB as in the BigBang Cosmic Microwave Background? If so, I’m a strong NOT believer of the Big bang theory. In my view is a too easy solution to explain the un-explainable. “Or that gravity will affect the path of light?” No, don’t think so, maybe in extreme cases (extreme like black holes)
  4. I have my own theory how it’s created and how it works. The speed of an electron in an atom is key. Due to the field between the proton(s) and electron(s) in combination with the immense speed of the electron, it creates vortexes within its atom. These vortexes are expelled from the atom in any and every direction probably at about the speed of light. When a gravity vortex pass threw another atom the field between the proton(s) and electron(s) of that atom gets distorted a little. The best way to describe the distortion is to compare the gravity vortex with a tornado. A tornado sucks in air one side and expel it the other. The gravity vortex does the same with the field. This tiny distortion makes the atom shift the parts of the atom a little bit in the direction where the gravity vortex came from No speed is gained or lost of the gravity vortex when it passes threw the atom. I have no experience in science, for me it’s a kinda hobby. So be kind to me and don’t be too cruel in your comments.
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