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  1. Well when we hand over the reins to government we allow alsorts of practices. The only way to be reasonably safe is to make sure there are plenty of different views expressed in the chamber of power.Couple this with a beligerent press and things are unlikely to get out of hand. Naturally we will have to put up with the abuse of taxpayers money oiling thd palms of those who control it but we can. live in relative freedom from tyrants.
  2. I know politics is out but like everything this has a political ring. Steven Pinker proved in 'The Blank Slate ' we carry a huge evolutionary baggage. I think hard-wired into that is live now pay later when what we need is pay now and live later. Our clever scientists have more or less proved global warming and our involvement. What they are powerless to do is alter who we are. My evidence: just take a good look at the world.
  3. Some believe that there was a period long ago when the earth was a huge snowball. The idea is that when oxygen took over from methane in the atmosphere the greenhouse effects of methane were gone and the earth cooled drastically into a huge snowball. At that timethe sun itself was weaker and the greenhouse effect was essential to keep the earth warm.
  4. I've spent a few entertaining hours looking at colour and light on the web, its not an easy subject by any means. Like a lot of science it gets tricky when you probe. I supose its the nature of the beast. I discovered the different colours travel at different speeds in glass. A most curious fact and yet in a vaccum they all travel at equal speeds.
  5. It was started by Francis Galton who believed the lower classes should not be encouraged to breed as they were inferior. You are right I was pointing out how the poor are side-lined today in just the same way, there are analogies. Lives are also measured against convenience and profit every day in government decisions all over the world. Notice how they proudly pronouce how many lives will be saved by enforcing the speed limit. While it is expedient some live others die.
  6. That is true but are you saying that we have not the right to make the judgement that another human is unfit to live? It sounds a very Catholic view to me along the lines we must not play at being God. We do play at being God more and more as science advances and we have more and more power over our own lives or deaths. The only real danger is eugenics but we could argue we already practise it in favouring the haves of this world with the top medical treatment while the poor fend for themselves.
  7. These remind me at school ( long ago now) we were shown a wheel of rainbow colours and when it was spun it looked a grayish whiteproving white light consisted of all the rainbow colours. If we mixed fine sands of rainbow colours we would have a sort of whitish sand. How can we be sure when we see a colour it is a pure colour? White is really a multicolour.
  8. Robert Hare gives twenty questions for his psychopath test so it is not an arbitary pointing finger. We can all be callous but its much more. than that. The SS guards loved to feed the birds. I suspected myself but I passed with flying colours now I. can sleep easy tonight
  9. It may seem a silly question but why do our receptors respond to those particular colours? Is it because the sun throws out more of those so natural selection picked the most prolific source? Its true that the sun looks yellow so maybe our eyes are yellow orentated.
  10. I am for the death penalty. It is administered every day throughout the world by law enforcement , sometimes to the innocent. So why the enormous fuss over a few wicked criminals who have no respect for life. I suspect Christianity is at the bottom of the reason in western nations: repentance is always possible .Robert Hare who worked many years with criminals believes 1% of the American population are psychopaths. Could we not well do without them ?
  11. Is there something special about what we call light or do we see it as special because we have eyes. I'm told some animals see colour differently though its hard to believe we can get inside an animals brain to know this is true.
  12. The prism acts as a filter but is each colour what we call monochromatic light? I have come across the term monochrome and take it to mean of one colour.
  13. A rose by any name still smells the same..
  14. My apologies I sometimes get fired up and carried away, but you are right I'm drifting from the point I will quietly withdraw.
  15. Absolutey that is why we must elavate no one. It has perhaps been the greatest lesson we have learned in recent decades of improved transparency. We must be merciful of human folley in order to receive merciful treatment in return. We live in the age of organic food and it is peddled continously everywhere. Now we have organic eggs at extra expense. I'm not sure what an inorganic egg looks like or even if it is edible. Is there really any scientific evidence for organic food? Just what is the meaning of organic?
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