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  1. GREAT, of course, space is not the only problem, and even if it was we can't just create a mass extinction just so we have space. Read my last reply.
  2. If you think there is a solution without having the population decrease or stop raising so fast, then you obviously want to have a crowded earth. The best way to fix the problem? Drop the life expectancy, let survival of the fittest work. Well Earth can only comfortably sustain 9 billion people. Think about that. 50 billion people? That would make Earth uninhabitable. Ever thought about oxygen? Natural resources? Do you want trees to be all for houses? Do you want "gods green earth" to be "gods concrete and polluted earth" What about water? Are we going to purify it? How much energy wo
  3. Or is it the chemicals that are in it? So is pure H2O toxic? Is it the chemicals in bottled and tap water?
  4. Everything would fall apart. Objects would because millions of molecules. That's what I mean.
  5. Using baking soda and vinegar, distilling what is left, putting that in a filter, then redistilling it, then filter it with lifestraw or something?
  6. Well, aside from Quantum Physics changing, everything would fall apart, planets would stop spinning and orbiting. Yea.
  7. Well, Black whole theory is a way of one. Because, existence seizes to exist.
  8. Explained in a nutshell: Every religion could be in fact real. All of them at the same time. Explaining in depth here. Near death experiences or "dead" people who wake up, always say what happened as there believes. This truly means, the afterlife is one part of any religion that is true. Every religion can explain the existence of the universe. Every religion can connect to the other, if you look. Evolution, The Big Bang, how do Christians deny it, when if God is real, he could have made them happen. We should notice also, all of the people with proof of there believes, have differen
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