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  1. Or sending senior citizens age 60 and up. They have a lot of experience and can spend their last 10 -20 years on Mars. DE
  2. Why are some people attracted to 'self as illusion'? Personally, my self is no illusion. The evidence for this is that I'm talking at you. Do you consider this post an illusion? DE
  3. They are hope fireworks to just bring joy. This wasn't an advertisement. I like your Pandora reference. I love mythology. I wonder if regions of imaginary lands formed where every emotion took on myriad shapes. DE
  4. Thought atoms have effectuality, meaning they can have a positive expansion of knowledge just by operating with them. As far as rigorous meaning, thought atoms are not supposed to be restrictively defined. They are supposed to be available to such a broad field that they themselves can never be straightjacketed. On the other hand, what is a 42 foot tall thought? There is an exploration here of additional information without limiting usage or content. DE
  5. What is a Thought Atom? Such a notion has miniaturization, densification and visualization capacity effectuality inherent. Author: David Elkins
  6. Thought Experiment: The Wooden Basket and Information Processing Pick up a 1 ft diameter basket and place the basket onto your head for a period of 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds is finished, take the basket off of your head, turn it upside down and place it on a table. What information processing has occurred in the basket during the time the basket was being worn? Thought Experiment: The Wooden Ring and Information Processing Pick up a 1 ft diameter ring and bring the ring up to your face and look through the ring for a period of 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds is finished bring the ring down and place it onto a table. What information processing occurred across during the time the ring was up to the face? Author: David Elkins
  7. The Not Integer Line ~-5 ~-4 ~-3 ~-2 ~-1 ~0 ~1 ~2 ~3 ~4 ~5 Author: David Elkins
  8. Philosophically speaking, is it possible to put a thought into a box? DE
  9. I want to build an empty box and put a message on the outside reading, 'Empty box with hope fireworks inside.' God inspired me on that. David Elkins,
  10. Some months back I was was daydreaming and I encounted some people that notified me that I had a ten foot long arm. I politely looked over and saw a strangely artistic blue ten foot long arm. Such a situation raises a few curious questions. For instance, how do I apply such a characterization? If someone described me as ornery, I can shrug that off and work with it, throughout the day. If someone suggested that I go hiking, I might consider that. A ten foot long arm however is a more thorny matter. I wasn't quite sure where to put the thing. In the end I decided to just have a quirky category and leave it there for a while. I also consider the assistance of morphism, where I might form an arm of awesomeness, then morph the arm back to normal. Morphism allows for exploration with benefits. I could have hundred feet long legs and wade through a thousand foot tall forest canopy if I wanted to have a little fun. This isn't psychiatric to me. I just like to have fun. Author: David Elkins
  11. Postulate of Preference 1: A hat can never subtract functionality. It can only add functionality. Postulate of Preference 2: Any stated functionality of a hat is a functionality that is possible without the hat. Author: David Elkins
  12. Philosophical Question Is it not better to reserve discretion concerning pastel boxes than to ponder hallucinatory boxes. Who needs hallucinatory boxes anyway? Author: David Elkins
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