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  1. gas is collected, and it starts to spin, with the center pulling certain particles, thus former a protosun, then rings start to slowly former , size of the sun and the amount of particles determines the rings, then the rings start to form into protoplanets, until the planets form, then the planet might get moons in a similar method, this is the one we were explain in physic - astronomy in university, of course I simplyfied it, also a reason for this belief is the asteriod belt is beleived to have failed the process, thus leaving a belt of asteriods
  2. I think the idea works like this... To develop such technology they are much more advanced, they have probably had peace on there world by that time. You might look at our past and see alot of war and hate, but as we get more advanced Western Civ. moves more and more towards trying for world peace, so if by the time we have technology like that it might be a safe assumption that as a species we have ended our conflict. So by the time we visit other planets we will be peaceful. Another way you can look at it is the people in charge that could send people at that distance are mostlikely peaceful since in a normal society which is advanced democracy is there and most people are good over evil....
  3. perfection of the technology, you would learn more about it and since noone is really into cloning humans its safe.... I think theres lots to learn, they always try animals first. Plus like that guy said could help endangered animals also.
  4. Alot of this information will take a bit of time to find out, I know when I was taking astronomy, one of the well thought theories for the rings are moons that came to close to the planet and ripped itself apart (theres a certain distance any moon can come to the planet before it will just calapse). They can show that the rings slowly change and shrink and grow...but I haven't read anything resently about it and information from cassini to be definite information will probably take some time...
  5. I think some prefferences like that come from environment...I like certain drinks out and certain cold, but I doubt much adaptive traits like that would come from evolution, any evolutionary gain would have been lost when we started cleaning our water, also cold lake in the winter are still extremely bad for you to drink...
  6. Are you doing any harder work? learning? Eating more fast food? it could be alot of things..it could be something simple, and if you young it could just be a small phase...
  7. There are several reasons for the shape of the orbits, all which end up making them, for example the gravitational pull of other planets will effect your orbit, and since the planets have different lengths for one orbit around the sun, each end up causing a unique pull to each planet.
  8. Another way you can look at it, have a rope with a ball. Spin with the rope and it goes straight out. This is kinda like the effect which causes the planets orbit although not a scientific explaination its simple and easy to understand.
  9. Intelligent life existing is likely, communicating with radio transmission is probably unlikely in reasonable time. I can see us developing better space travel technology that would get our job done quicker then these radio transmissions. I see the only way for communicating with another life will involve actual travel, thats why I think sending people to mars/space is important, it helps us develop better technology and engines, which will only make us one step closer. I know in our life time its unlikely to see another life form, but I am sure one day we will, an my guess is we will meet them, we have shown an impressive growth in technology in the last 100 heres, imagine what a 1000 will give us. Theres also one more reason we haven't reached another intelligent life form through communication and haven't heard back form them, although unlikely, what if we are the most advanced. Theres always that possibility, someone has to be first, although with the time its taken for us to become to advance it is likely there are others far past us, but theres always that chance, which would mean we would have little chance of communication unless we initiated all of it.
  10. Theres this formula that is unknown how it works, but it give a good idea where planets exists, this foun the asteroi belt, and it can explain all the planets we have and there distances from the sun, so a planet within that is unlikely, also because the gravitational effects would probably have been noticed, and found...
  11. Something like this is very likely, expecially since he says it happened several times...when your body goes to sleep it causes you to be paralysed, if this doesn't occur, you sleep walk, which is basically acting out your dream. So if in his dream he was text messaging, in real life if hes not paralysed he will try to text message...
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