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  1. I remember seeing a show on Discovery chaqnnel about how they can make rocket fuel from the hydrogen of the disconnected water particles and the oxygen working as, well...an oxident. Just like saltpeter in gunpowder. I wonder though, if the butning hydrogen would be efficient enough to propel a turbine, or power an engine. This is because hydrogen is naturally a gas, and I have doubts that it would expand enough, when it explodes to do such things. I'm noty talking about splitting water, that only creates an electrical charge. I'm talking about burning the split water.
  2. Didn't you hear? He's 7000 years old, and 7 days older then the earth haha.:bs: Thanks for that thing Faf. What a fucking idiot lol. Didn't he learn we only have one moon in grade school or some shit? And by the way, the moon looks red sometimes because of the light that is captured in gasses by the sun. Depending on the gas, they may glow purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, and even green!...the green is scarce.
  3. Yes I'm aware of that Fafalone, but my point was that these chemicals are produced in extreme amounts when drugs are taken, sometimes so much to the amount that neurons loose some of their receptors to ease the effect, and the bodys natural happy drugs are produced much less. Causing the depression of after using any kind of happy drug.
  4. Oh, fusion would in theory then, be 100 times as efficiant. Is it possible to disconnect water particles into its components of H and O, and simply use that as a fuel to power a bigass turbine??
  5. The smoking of marijuana, and drinking of alcohol, get the brain to produce chemicals, which change the thought pattern to an oddly euphoric state. Though you don't know it, the chemicals in your brain now dictate your every thought and feeling! Examples: Dopamine-happiness, andrenaline-exhileration, seritonin-multi purpose high drug, excessatosine-loving caring feeling Your intelligence can only be measured by the efficiancy of your brain, and oddly compared to computers, we are GROSSLY inneficiant.
  6. ok ok ok! So in the future, self sustaining fusion...now how do nuclear powerplants wor again?
  7. Is it possible to efficiantly produce energy from the acceleration and heat produced by fast moving atoms/atom particles? How could we capture any energy produced by the plasma?
  8. Speaking of whic....how do scientists measure the speed of light!?
  9. Thank you for bringing that up Glider. When one reaches a certain level of pain, they tend to "zone out" or not suffer much of the effects that accompany pain. Thios is not because less pain neuons fire off, but the pain is intereperated in a different way. Now when I undergo some kind of pain, I don't worry about the pain itself, but the physical damage done. And now the more I tend to sufvferless of pain, my wounds seem to leave scars behind. Whether this is only a coinsedence or a calculated effect of the body I do not know, BUT IT SUCKS! :lame:
  10. Atinymonkey, you saw that show on warewolves haven't you!? Hehe, thought so. But you forgot to mention the trye grain was grown along with the mushroom (fungus) at the same time, and took many times to eat the rye bread to actually get some holusagenic effect. Usually this would be permanent just like the edternal dream some LSD druggies suffer. This is because the fungus is largly neutrilised under extreme heat, and the remaining fungus is so minute, it takes a large dose to effect take effect.
  11. Well....if you drink enough beer over a long period of time it would not turn you into a women, but it will certainly feminise you physically. This is the reault we so gladly call mantits, shrunk ballz and beer belly.
  12. Fafalon is right. Whales don't have the ability of cognitive/logical thought..they are only processing machines. And yes blike...it's called sonar..go figure dolphins use it too. Elephants mostly use their brains for storing memory, and basically another form of echolocation using ground vibrations (they do this for mating) Now we as humans, though we have a relitively smaller brain than elephants or whales have they gift of cognitive and logical thought. Even though this is true we are still very inneficiant...heres proof; A calculator has about 1/1000000 the processing power as humans, but it can calculate some thousand times faster, meaning we have 1/1000000000 the processing efficiancy of a calculator! Another question rises though; what happens to all this lost data and why are we so inneficiant, why do we think needlessly about random things, and why is over 1/3 of our huge brain devoted to vision!?
  13. YoungStrife


    Back to bones. Are there nervs and blood vessles actually inside the bone? Because I heard that the bone melters are fallowed by those that repair nerve endings, THEN the bone builders....correct any mistakes I made, and elaborate..hehe
  14. We don't see colors in our dreams, it's all an illusion lol, ask Dr Bill. Also, dream interperitation in general is B.S. for the fallowing reasons: A. Dreams are nothing but random collections of memories, events and figures connected together with no logical thinking. B. We dream thousands upon thousands of times a night, and only remember several to none dreams right after awakening...which usually are the last dreams to be dreamt. C. There could be many different definitions per dream, Ex. If I dream of a killer dioll that i finally destroy it could be interperated as fear of death, childhood paranoia of bad doll experience, recollection of Chukie the movie, my ability to overcome my fears, etc. So you see, the dream thing in phsycology...B.S.:bs: :bs: :bs:
  15. No, I will not ask Friar Laurence to prepare a poison ...I have not yet found My Juliet, but passed a thousand Rosalines. By the way my g/f just broke up with me..before my birthday...ouch.
  16. I agree with Glider, but I set on a quest a few years ago to prove to myself the truths of Deja Vu. Most of my Deja Vu's were accidently triggered memories that were well...not memories but I started to record my dreams the second I woke up every day so I won't forget anything. I set the happenings up in a list to see which will occur. Then some of the incidents started to happen, which I believe would be about a chance of 1/100 (uneducated estimate)because of the general probability of something to happen., For example the probability of seeing to men walking down the street with one wearing a Laker's hat and another wearing a red T-shirt is about 1/100 considering 11 other Deja Vu dreams didn't happen. In conclusion I don't believe we have any ability to predict the future, but amongst the thousands of dreams we have every night, I think we have a very lucky selective brain that doesn't dump some after you are awake....luck
  17. Dragon myth origin=Comodo Dragon, added wings to the large creature in the far east to enhance the myth, traveled to the west by trade and then was associated with demons, fire and satan. Then behold! A lizard, with added wings, breathing fire, eating flesh and doing evil thingies! Man eating Gorilla= Comes from mountain gorilla, which in some incidents came in conflict with natives, westerners arrive, hear the myth and make one that it stands besides roads and eats any travelers. Yet the mountain gorilla is a plant eater with little temper. Yetti= Old chinese myth oh large manlike gorills, traveled to Tibet and was modified. The myth may actually have originated from over 10,000 years ago of a large gorilla like mammal that went extinct (thanks to us). In the 60's it became a fad and was called BIGFOOT. Godzilla=Holywood, taking dragon myth and enhancing it to the greatest extent. Loch Ness Monster= In the summers of the Loch Ness, the sun reflects on the water in a way that splits images and multiplies them. So a beaver can look like a long neck. Also theres another 3 meter long fish (which I forgot its name) that can make the effect of the bumps on its back. There is not enough food for such a large species in the Loch...bogus. Anyways, it started in 1933 by a couple who saw a large grey object leave the water looking like a whale, enhanced by the media, and faked by ameteurs, then researched by many REAL scientists...no results found. Gimme any other myths that I can disprove on google..paleeeease
  18. Dolphins sleep this way in order to breath every approx. 10 minutes and watch out for predators. We have a similar thing that helps us watch out for predators. Sleep was designed to be unstable for this reason, think about it. Whenever you are overly calm you fall asleep faster, and when you try to go to sleep too much you create stress, which stops sleep. When we wake up to a loud new sound we wake up extremely fast and became awake in an instant, but if we get used to this sound (like an alarm clock) the body starts to stop this. We can train ourselves to improve our sleep defence as well. For example, in the army soldiers are trained to pick up a knife the second they wake up in th middle of the night and stab the person after they identify if they're the enemy. (I don't know if this only happens with marines, or is still practiced, but IO read it in a marine's 1973 manual) By the way Buill...give me your jag....now (ANOUNCEMENT TO THE WORLD: Steal every jaguar in Maine until you find Bill's!)
  19. There is no way to disprove psychokinetic abilities or ESP but all cases within a controlled environment have been disproved. In the 1970's the U.S. government spent $1,000,000,000 on a project that tries to use psychic abilities to the governemnts advantage in the cold war. This project used something called "remote viewing" which was based on government phsychics trying to find out about russian plans through seeing through concentrating on eyes of people in russia. The project was unsuccessful with only one solid hit out of the many thousands of attempts. This was within thwe laws of probability like flipping a coin 100 times and having it land on heads 65 times. Meanwhile this mind stuff is still :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: but researches still struggle in trying to prove it. By the way, her name was Nina Kulagina, and since she lived in the 1800's there was no way in creating a truly controlled experiment..so she was just a :bs: ing hoe.
  20. On waht period of time with what sized planet with what atmosphere, how much water, and how much heat? Could we replicate the joining of protonsinto the double helix of DNA?...Is it possible? Europa can have life and titan is gettin there in just a billion years...yay....we'll have friends P.S. Why does anything alive want to live or reproduce? And how could just a few prioteins cause that?
  21. I'm sure I replied to this lately...weird. Well anyyways 6-7 hours of sleep is normal. You shouldn't be feeling tired if you sleep this much. Sleeping takes up an approximate 1/3 of our lives and IS VERY USEFULL. We need sleep to rebuild our bodies. Go see a doctor if you are constantly tied and yet sleep 7 hours a night...something is wrong boy.
  22. Chuldhood museums and a very "saucy" mouth. Learning the OT as a child when I was 8 I asked "why would god do that?" and "this makes no sense, why would all those people believe an old dude with a species of snake I already know turns to a cane when afraid?" The teacher would often yell at me, saying that because god loves us and is all powerfull. Also, that every man would believe the true word of god....I would then say "But not everybody is a jew!?" Then I understood that this is :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: and that people create gods out of fear of death. Then I saw things that made sense in science, so I got drawn to it.
  23. We need sleep in general to regenerate bone and muscle. The reason we seem so stressfull after not sleeping a while is becauswe of the physcial stress. We actually are more active mentally while sleeping than when awake, but just not consciously. I have no idea as Bill said why we dream. But hopefully the doc can answer that with the help of his attractive female friends (or so he says) The healthy amount of sleep is around 6 to 8 hours per day. Too much sleep resaults in depleated muscle mass and lower cognitive ability. Not enough sleep resaults in stress, sore muscles, pain, aching, and tiredness...yay
  24. Grrr....I was gonna say that Glider. Oh well, I might as well add to it; Some other parts that change: enlarged cliteris, muscle structure, face structure, hair am,ount, internal sexual organs, and overall growth. Darn you glider.
  25. Actually, she loves and I do mean LOVES the dark...she's got slightly better eyesight as well, though not a great difference. Shes a human. lol. A hott one..A semi-nocternal hott human hehe
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