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  1. With all the scientists and mathematicians who have proven beyond any question that evolution does not work, with all the archaeological discoveries that have left no doubt that evolution never happened, and with the complete failure of scientists to observe or reproduce abiogenesis, why are there still people who believe in this insane and unscientific "theory?" The answer lies in man's propensity to believe in some greater power than itself. In the old days it was sorcery, witchcraft and the supernatural powers of spirits and demons. These concepts were also "well understood" by their believers. Evolution is basically the modern-day counterpart of magic and supernatural powers. Of course, there are plenty of people who will describe to you "how it works." But that has always been the case; every insanity that became the trend of its time was "well understood" by those who swore by its powers. The fanaticism of evolutionists to defend their "religion" rivals that of any known religion. Could there some day be a church called "The Church of Charles Darwin and the Latter-day Evolutionists?" It certainly looks like it.
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